Xenomorph Queen (Alien Species): Hidden Facts, Powers & Strength Explained

The xenomorph queen is the largest and most powerful member of the alien species known as xenomorphs. Standing over 15 feet tall and weighing several tons, the queen is a formidable opponent and a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The xenomorph queen is responsible for laying eggs and protecting the hive. She is the leader of the hive and the one who gives orders to the other members of the hive. The queen is also the one who determines the direction of the hive and its growth.

Despite her fearsome reputation, the xenomorph queen is not without weaknesses. She is vulnerable to attacks on her head and chest, and her size makes her a slow and cumbersome opponent. In addition, she is highly dependent on the hive, and if the hive is destroyed, the queen will be unable to survive.

Despite these weaknesses, the xenomorph queen is a fearsome and formidable creature. She is the leader of the hive and the one who determines its direction and growth. If you ever find yourself facing a xenomorph queen, you should be prepared for a long and difficult battle.

They can fight, but they usually stay still and let the Praetorians (or drones and warriors, if none have yet developed) take care of the dirty work while they run the hive and lay the eggs. As seen in the AVP video game from 2010, a queen can unhook from its egg sack by pulling its tail out. A Queen is far more intelligent than a typical Xenomorph, exhibiting traits of rage and vengeance that go beyond instinctual behavior. One instance of this is when the Queen witnessed Ellen Ripley destroying her nest, but more significantly after Ripley killed all of the xenomorphs in the hive, the queen became enraged and began a violent attack against Ripley and Newt in an attempt to kill them both. the xenomorph queen was so determined to pursue and attack the humans that she even secretly boarded their spaceship by hiding in the landing gear. Once the ship returned to the USS Sulaco, the queen emerged and launched her assault. The Queen was finally dispatched by Ripley by being thrown out of the airlock.

1 Xenomorph Queen & Facehuggers

The royal facehugger is a special type of facehugger that is used to create a xenomorph queen. It is distinguishable by its darker color and possibly by bristles or spines on its back. This facehugger carries both a normal and a royal xenomorph embryo, which it implants into a host. This variation of the royal facehugger was depicted in the Aliens vs. Predator comic and appeared to only carry a royal embryo.

It is possible for a normal drone or warrior xenomorph to develop into a queen under certain conditions, such as in the absence of a royal facehugger or praetorian facehugger, with the aid of royal jelly. In a deleted scene from the Alien movie, it is suggested that the xenomorph may have been in the process of turning some of its prey into eggs, possibly indicating the early stages of such a transformation or possibly as a means of creating a royal facehugger that could then produce a queen. In the movie AVP: Requiem, the Predalien, which was born from a normal facehugger and has the ability to impregnate hosts directly instead of laying eggs, may have been establishing a hive or exhibiting a trait inherited from its Predator host. It is possible that this type of “breeding” is unique to the Predator species.

2 Strength & Combat Skills Of Xenomorph Queen

The xenomorph queen is able to withstand a large amount of gunfire before being forced to retreat, even though she is much larger than other xenomorphs. This makes her extremely dangerous and capable of quickly killing most prey when outside of her egg-laying facility. The queen also appears to have very dense muscles, which may contribute to her strength in hand-to-hand combat, although this tactic is not often seen in the AVP movies. The queen’s size can vary significantly, sometimes reaching up to 15 feet tall and other times growing as large as 40 feet.

3 Xenomorph Queens Are Quite Intelligent To Interact With Humans

Aliens Queen “told” her warriors to back off when Ripley threatened her eggs, demonstrating that the Queen is the second most intelligent breed of Xenomorph and can use machines and understand humans to some extent (through actions, not speech). Although all aliens have demonstrated intelligence in some areas, such as observational learning, it is well known that the queen is superior. The Queen has been depicted as being able to communicate and “bargain” with humans in both the movie Aliens and the comic book Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species. In Aliens, the Queen orders her warriors to back off after Ripley threatens their eggs with a flamethrower, though Ripley later kills the eggs after one opens, either because she thinks the Queen did it or because she doesn’t think a facehugger would be. In Deadliest of the Species, Caryn threatens a royal egg with a spear in an effort to convince the Queen to free her friends; however, the Queen responds by squeezing her prisoners until they bleed, giving Caryn the opportunity to issue her own threat. The Queen agrees to release the captive humans and gives Caryn a royal facehugger, which she uses to facehug herself. Caryn then places the egg in front of the Queen, warning her that if she (the Queen) doesn’t let her friends go, she (Caryn) will be the host to a royal facehugger. From that point forward, the Queen defends the group, though more out of instinct to defend her heir than out of actual defense of the group due to a deal.

4 Appearance & Size

The Queen has the greatest number of physical distinctions among all the Xenomorph castes. Its biggest distinguishing characteristic is its enormous size; the average Queen is around 4 point 5 meters tall, which is double the average height of other Xenomorphs. However, some older Queens have been known to get even bigger. The xenomorph queen has several features that are larger than those of a typical xenomorph, including her jaws, which are filled with long, sharp, transparent teeth, and her inner jaw, which can be almost as large as a human head.

5 Genetic Defense System Of Xenomorph Queen

The faces and mouths of queens can be retracted into their large, armored, crown-like carapaces on their heads as a form of defense, much like a turtle can do with its shell. This enormous carapace, which is outsized compared to the rest of the Queen’s enormous body, is thought to act as a kind of sensory “antenna,” enabling the Queen to detect thermal, biochemical, and bioelectric signals with exceptional sensitivity. Queens also have double-jointed hind legs, two sets of dorsal tubes that resemble spikes more than those of other Xenomorphs, six-fingered hands with the third finger being significantly longer than the others, and an additional carapace-like armored shell on their chest. A Queen’s outer mesoskeleton is actually so strong that it can withstand sustained automatic gunfire while still being vulnerable to bullets with armor-piercing fragments.

Queens also have a second, much smaller pair of arms that extend ventrally from the middle of their chest; the exact function of these arms is unknown. This is in addition to their two primary limbs. The long, segmented tail of a queen has a broad, blade-like tip. Queens are typically black-blue or black in color, like typical Drones.

6 Reproduction System

Xenomorph queens that are actively laying eggs can be identified by their large ovipositors, which extend from under their tails and can be up to nine or twelve meters long. These ovipositors are usually suspended from the ceiling of the hive by “straps” made from the same resin that the hive is constructed from. Because of the size and weight of the ovipositor, queens that are in the process of laying eggs are immobile and reliant on their subordinates for protection and support. Although the ovipositor can be separated in an emergency to allow the queen to escape, even so, this is apparently painful for the queen and it is unlikely that the ovipositor can be reattached easily, if at all. Queens are able to grow a new ovipositor within a relatively short time, although this process can also be painful. While immobilized, the queen usually folds her legs under her body and is supported by a biomechanical “throne.” When laying eggs, a queen can generate up to fifteen eggs per hour.

A Queen can withstand almost endless gunfire before having to retreat despite being smaller than other Xenomorphs due in large part to her thickened mesoskeleton and additional armor. Additionally, it has been observed that they can survive despite being almost completely engulfed in flames, even though continual exposure to heat and flame will eventually kill them. Because of their toughness, once a Queen emerges from her laying stage, she can quickly annihilate the majority of her prey. Additionally, it has been noted that Queens exhibit a wide variety of indications of extremely dense muscle tissue; in fact, Queens are able to rip synthetics in half with their hands alone. Because of this and their enormous size, engaging in hand-to-hand combat is never a smart move when facing one, not even for a Yautja. The Queen is swift for a creature her size; specimens have been observed moving at speeds of up to 40 km/h. They also have an incredibly long lifespan, with some specimens thought to have endured for tens of thousands of years. Queens of certain species are believed to be able to enter a state of torpor or reduced metabolism in order to extend their lifespan, particularly in cold environments.

7 Controversial Origination Theory

The precise process by which a Queen is created varies and is still hotly contested. It should not be ruled out that the Xenomorph may have multiple paths to creating a queen should one die instead of a single line to queen creation given the Xenomorph’s highly variable nature, its identity as a eusocial swarming creature whose behavior is focused on species propogation, and its difficulty to root out and destroy once deeply established on a planet. When a queen takes control of another hive, she makes a point of destroying both the Praetorians and any eggs in the new hive, seeing both as threats to her authority. This would imply that eggs, facehuggers, and praetorians are inherently linked to the previous Queen in a way that a dominating Queen cannot claim them. However, Praetorian-evolving Drones and Warriors, who have been proven to exist, are permitted to exist.

The process by which a Queen is created is not well understood and is a subject of debate. Given the Xenomorph’s adaptability and focus on reproducing and spreading as a species, it is possible that there may be multiple ways for the Xenomorph to create a Queen if the current one dies, rather than just one method. When a Queen takes over another hive, she destroys the eggs and Praetorians of the previous Queen, but allows the Drones and Warriors to live. This suggests that eggs, facehuggers, and Praetorians are somehow tied to the previous Queen in a way that cannot be claimed by a new dominant Queen, while Drones and Warriors, which have the potential to evolve into Praetorians, are spared.

8 Variation Of Queen In Their Respective Clan

While Queens may generally look similar to one another, there can be subtle differences in their physical appearance that distinguish one individual from another. While many lower castes of Xenomorphs are indistinguishable from each other unless they are marked or injured, Queens may sometimes have significant variations in color. For instance, some older Queens, such as on BG-386 or the Matriarch, have been observed to have a grayer exoskeleton, which may be a sign of aging in these creatures.

9 Learning Skill & Communication Abilities With Other Xenomorphs

Queens are extremely intelligent beings who have been observed operating machinery, comprehending, and even deciphering basic human behavior. They can evaluate risk and compare the relative merits of various actions because they have strong observational learning skills. Additionally, they value their own well-being over that of their children, unlike many aliens, but only in life-or-death situations. The first Queen on LV-426 used all of these abilities when Ellen Ripley threatened to destroy her eggs and she ordered her drones to back off. This capacity for communication and even “negotiation” with people suggests a high level of intelligence. Although almost all Xenomorphs exhibit some of these intellectual qualities, Queens are known to be far superior in every way.

Queens can command and communicate with other Xenomorphs, according to evidence, though the specifics of this communication are still unknown. Although instances of queens instructing their brood by making audible screeches have been documented, it is believed that their primary method of communication is significantly more complicated and may involve pheromone release or ultrasound. Researchers from Weyland-Yutani have even suggested that Queens and their offspring may share a bioelectrical hive consciousness. The fact that Queens appear to be in almost constant contact with their offspring and are capable of communicating with them despite great obstacles or distances supports this theory. Their prominent head crest might contribute to communication by serving as a receiver and transmitter for the various signals used.

Queens appear to be incredibly protective of their offspring, especially their unborn Eggs, despite the fact that they are violent and hostile monsters. They will act (or not act) if doing so will spare their spawn. The Queen on LV-426 pursued Ripley and Rebecca Jorden relentlessly after the former burned down her Hive, even going so far as to hide herself in the landing gear of their dropship and follow them back to the USS Sulaco, proving that the destruction of a Queen’s nest can apparently send her into a vengeful rage. It has also been observed that threatening to destroy a queen’s eggs can give people some leverage over the monarch; in several cases, people have threatened to harm a queen’s eggs in an effort to persuade her to help them or save their lives. Also in Aliens: Earth Hive, a Queen takes a kind of IQ test and scores 175 on it.