12 Legendary Humanoid Cats From Comics & Fiction

Humanoid cats have made appearances in various forms of media, including comics. These feline robots often serve as sidekicks or companions for the main characters or many times they are the main character or protagonist, adding a touch of whimsy and futuristic flair to the story.  They bring a unique blend of technology and nature to the world of comics and are sure to delight readers of all ages. Here is the list of the top 12 legendary humanoid cats from comics and fiction.

1Catilla (Transformers)

Cat Humanoid

Catilla is a stealthy and disciplined cat-like hunter who can wait patiently for hours without making a noise or movement. When he does decide to take action, he is swift and efficient, causing destruction to his target and finding enjoyment in this task.

2 Lion-O (ThunderCats TV Series)

Lion O

The main character in the 2011 television series ThunderCats is Lion-O. The brother of Tygra, he is the son of King Claudus. Lion-O, the current Lord of the ThunderCats who looks like a humanoid cat, is a fearless warrior who never backs down from a challenge, even if it puts him in danger. He is in possession of the Sword of Omens, the most potent tool on Third Earth. .

Lion-O is a medium-sized cat with cream and gold colored fur, red hair that is spiked, blue or teal eyes, pointed ears, small, elongated fangs, and a striped face. Pale blue armor covers his shoulders, torso, and hips, and he wears silver shin guards that also cover and protect his knees, along with dark blue pants that must be held up by a thick belt. He lacks shoes just like the other ThunderCats.

Lion-O is shrewd and an expert fighter, but he also has a temper. At first, only he is convinced that Mumm-Ra and technology are real. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, Lion-O will stand up to defend them right away, regardless of their species.

3 Verminator X

Verminator X

Verminator-X, also known as Manx, is a feline mutant who was once a friend of the Turtles but is now an enemy of them. Foster Fenwick, the nephew of Vernon Fenwick, aka Armaggon, has been altered to become Manx in this fanfiction continuity. When Armaggon failed to successfully replicate the mutagen formula on his own, he joined forces with his henchmutants, Scale Tail and Killer Bee, to kidnap Foster, a 16-year-old brilliant university student, and philanthropist heiress Janine Renard from the Manhattan Animal Behavioral Research Institute. Foster was changed into the humanoid cougar Manx by Armaggon using the meager amount of mutagen he still had, and Janine Renard was transformed into the humanoid arctic fox Alopex. Manx had little choice in a world where nonhumans were feared and despised more and more. The two do, however, intend to betray their tormentor and nominal leader at the appropriate moment.

4 Katmandu (TMNT)

Katmandu Cat  Comic

“The Archie continuity’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures” comic includes Katmandu. He is an ancient East-Indian-style creature with four arms that resembles a tiger (a humanoid feline). He is a Tibetan swordsman who guards a Buddhist temple. He met the Ninja Turtles on their journey to Tibet’s Crystal Palace, where they became friends.

5Titus (Marvel)

Titus Marvel

Titus played a role in the downfall of the Nova Corps and later joined forces with the Chitauri, who at the time were the Guardians of the Galaxy’s biggest foes.

Sam Alexander was still using a Nova Helmet that Titus had learned was still on Earth, so he dispatched his troops to get it. When Spider-Man was assisting Nova and the other Guardians, Titus fought against him. Titus is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Spider-Man, Nova, and the Guardians after Nova confronts him head-on and promises him that he will never take his helmet before completely destroying his ship. As the Guardians of the Galaxy were escorting Titus away from Earth, he was then taken into custody.

6Cheshire Cat (Alice In Wonderland 1951)

Cashire Cat DC

He has the appearance of a cunning, mischievous pink and purple cat. When Alice runs into him in the woods and asks him how to get home, he tells her to go see the Mad Hatter and March Hare. After the confusing and pointless visit, Alice gets lost and runs into him again. He tells her to go to The Queen of Hearts for assistance but cautions her against The Queen’s evil ways first. The queen is repeatedly humiliated by the Cheshire Cat while she is there, and each time, she believes it is Alice. The Cheshire Cat insults the Queen again while they are in court, setting off the dramatic chase. In the 1951 film and the House of Mouse TV series, he was voiced by Jim Cummings and Sterling Holloway, both of whom had previously played the Frog in another Alice in Wonderland movie.

7Thomas Fireheart (Marvel)

Thomas Fireheart Marvel

Genetic engineering carried out by the Kisani Native American tribe over ten generations produced Thomas Fireheart. Fireheart can change into Puma, a half-mountain lion creature with senses far superior to those of an average human . Although Fireheart frequently challenges the rituals that his uncle Joseph Threetrees, the tribe’s Shaman, promotes, he is the traditional protector of his New Mexican tribe. Fireheart is a well-known professional assassin and mercenary operating under the Puma alias who sells his special abilities to clients like the Rose and the Kingpin. He is well-known throughout the world in his civilian identity as the CEO of Fireheart Enterprises. 

8Tigorr/Toghurrhu (DC)

Tigorr DC

On the planet Karna, Toghurrhu was born to an unmarried mother who had little time for him in a slum of a spaceport city. Little Tigorr’s interest in spacecraft resulted in an incident that marked the start of his violent career: while sneaking a peek inside a Karnan military aircraft, Tiggor was startled by a guard and, in his fright, killed him.

Tigorr fled into the Karna jungles out of fear for his safety, where he learned to survive by joining a pride of wild felines of his kind, from which he eventually married one of them.

A power that was once common but is now incredibly rare to his species, Tigorr’s regressor or shape-shifting abilities, emerged during that time. Following many years of happiness, Tigorr’s pride was ambushed by invading Citadel forces, and the majority of them—including Tigorr’s wife—were killed. In order to exact revenge on the Citadel, Tigorr later came back to the city and applied for military service.

9El Jaguar (Marvel)

El Jaguar Marvel

Jaguar is a villain who has fought against both Daredevil and Captain America. It is unclear where he is from or how he gained his powers, though it is possible that he is a mutant or was altered by the terrorist group HYDRA. He served as the leader of a special unit within HYDRA known as the Bravos Commandos or the Commando Division, which included the assassin Horst Eisele. HYDRA assigned Jaguar to assassinate Foggy Nelson, a district attorney who was in contact with HYDRA’s enemy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. about joining its board of directors.

10Bronze Tiger (DC Comic)

Bronze Tiger DC

Bronze Tiger is a character in DC Comics, created by Dennis O’Neil, Leopoldo Durañona, and Jim Berry. He was first introduced in the “Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter” series and is known for being one of the top martial artists, assassins, and spies in the DC Universe. His real name is Benjamin “Ben” Turner, and he has appeared as a vigilante, member of the League of Assassins, and member of the Suicide Squad. His actions and morals are often depicted as being complex, as he has been brainwashed and manipulated by the League of Assassins, causing him to sometimes act as a villain or antihero.

11Smiling Tiger/Conrad Mack (Marvel)

Conrad Mack Marvel

Conrad Mack’s father, Collier, was part of a military unit called the Half Fulls during the Vietnam War. While serving in the war, the unit stumbled upon a temple belonging to the Dragon’s Breadth cult, and Collier was drawn to and eventually married one of the cult’s brides. Conrad was born from this union and was trained by his father in military skills. He also learned how to use his claws in combat. Conrad struggled to interact with others due to his feral nature, and he ended up living on the streets. He was eventually discovered by the Left Hand, one of Collier’s former comrades, and joined the Folding Circle group under the codename Smiling Tiger. He frequently fought against the New Warriors and even stole an Avengers Quinjet that the New Warriors had taken. The Folding Circle ended up crashing the Quinjet in Madripoor, where they became influential figures in the criminal underworld.

12Flying Tiger (Marvel) 

Flying Tiger Marvel

Regarding the criminal known as the Flying Tiger’s early life, nothing has been made public. It is well known that he was a former professional football player whose career was abruptly ended. Using a costume that gave him the ability to fly, he developed the disguised persona of Flying Tiger.

When the Flying Tiger started his mercenary career, his first assignment was to murder the original Spider-Woman. Despite his initial success in defeating her, she eventually recovered, and the Tiger was ultimately victorious in a subsequent fight. During later adventures, he ran into the Fantastic Four and Iron Man (James Rhodes). The Flying Tiger was hired by businessman Regis Fusskey’s rivals to abduct him in the second encounter. James Rhodes, who Fusskey had hired as his pilot and bodyguard, ultimately defeated the Flying Tiger as Iron Man while saving Fusskey’s life.