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Since its inception in a small office in 2022, Pagista is continuously growing readers with the best content from around the web to make your time go quicker. With over a decade of professional writing experience by cross-border authors and editors, Pagista strives to bring you a wide selection of content from various perspectives and then leave it up to you to decide what you think is factual or not. We keeps try to cover everything with credible information and compile from the best possible resources.

Pagista creates engaging content for readers who can impact your daily life as well as your long-term aspirations. Whether looking for uplifting profiles of unusual history or refreshing entertainment topics, you’ll find it right here at Pagista!

Pagista is a fun place to visit and come back home to again and again. We believe reading should be fun! Wouldn’t you agree? When you read Pagista, it’s a fresh approach on evergreen interesting topics yet trending stories that you don’t need to usually worry about, such as Japanese otters stealing things. Whether you want to read the latest on Notable Personalities and Veganism, or the side-splitting puns and entertaining listicles, we have what you need.

We’re still waiting for that One Big Hey Jude – we just want someone who says “Bring It On!”

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Meet Our Crew

Bharat Asrani

Editorial, Brand Director & Founder

Originating from Indore, Central India, Bharat Asrani serves as the managing editor at Pagista while also pursuing his interest in the field of arts. With a lifelong passion for discovering untapped part of mytholgy-histories-mysteries, Bharat made the bold decision to leave behind a promising career in Marketing Director in early 2017 to pursue freelance entertainment and mythology based journalism.

Gilbert Boschert

Content Director

Gilbert Boschert , who serves as the content director at Pagista, has been involved in this domain since 2012 and has been an integral part of the Pagista team. He supervises key freelancers responsible for news and features, with members located in NYC, LA and various other places. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of weird stuffs from uncovering obscure Easter eggs in the MCU to the least known Gods of the World.

Ellada Azariah

Research Analyst and Content Planner

Ellada Azariah, a writer and content planner located in Brooklyn, New York, initially aspired to become a music journalist. However, her path eventually led her into the realm of entertainment journalism due to her extensive consumption of Discovery TV shows during her formative years. In addition to her professional pursuits, Molly enjoys her leisure time by indulging in romance novels, baking, & tending to her beloved plants.

Jacqueline Castronovo

Senior Content Editor

Jacqueline Castronovo is both a writer and an editor with a rich background in covering diverse aspects of the different niches. She has contributed her writing to publications. While she thoroughly enjoys engaging in conversations about all things entertainment, her personal interests extend to dancing, reading, and painting, which she passionately pursues when she’s not engrossed in watching movies and TV shows.

Gregory Rouchell

Entertainment & Comic Writer

Gregory Rouchell, located in Newcastle, United Kingdom, works as a writer and editor. He holds a degree in Sports Journalism. Gregory came to the swift realization that writing about his local football (or “soccer”) team, Sunderland AFC, was too emotionally taxing, leading him to opt for a different path in which he could creatively write about comics and TV, often injecting a healthy dose of humor and nonsense into his work.

Jared Freedman

Evergreen Content Planner & On Page SEO Engineer

Jared Freedman, the Lead SEO Engineer at Pagista, has journeyed from the remote regions of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to establish himself in the entertainment industry’s forefront. Armed with a degree in English Literature, Jared has transitioned from analyzing remarkable narratives to the art of discovering, appreciating, and promoting the finest (or perhaps the most unconventional) stories across a wide array of mediums.