5 Baddass Facts About Toruk Makto (Avatar)

In the fictional series of Avatar, An individual who successfully rides an extensive leonopteryx is called a Toruk Makto or in the other words, it is a Na’vi individual named Toruk Makto who is capable of riding a great leonopteryx (Na’vi name: toruk).

A great deal of respect and honor is accorded to the Toruk Maktos who preceded Jake Sully. It is also said that before Jake Sully, only five Toruk Maktos existed, and they are highly respected and honored. Jake composed the Na’vi opposed to the RDA and led them to conquest in the Invasion on the Tree of Souls by utilizing the dignity of his position. “Rider of the Last Shadow” is the true meaning or title of Toruk Makto.

1 Entu Is The First Na’vi Who Became Rider Of The Shadow

Toruk Makto Avatar

Entu rode a great leonopteryx for the first time during a volcanic event that threatened the ‘Tree of Souls’ (As the closest connection between the Omatikaya Na’vi clan and Eywa, the Tree of Souls serves as a sacred site for the clan) around 837 BC, in the other words a volcanic eruption in 837 BC forced Entu to ride a great leonopteryx in order to protect the Tree of Souls.

There is a stage production about his life and adventures called Toruk – The First Flight. It means Toruk – ‘The First Flight’ tells the story of his life and adventures.

2Neytiri’s Great-grandfather Became The 5Th Toruk Makto In Avatar

Toruk Makto Avatar

During what was described as a “time of great sorrow,” the fifth Toruk Makto was Neytiri’s great-grandfather, who had used the great reverence given to such riders to modulate the Na’vi clans of five generations ago.

3 Able Ryder Rode A Great Leonopteryx But Couldn’t Become Sexth Toruk Makto

Toruk Makto Avatar

During his travels through Tantalus in 2152, Able Ryder rode on a great leonopteryx in order to reach the Well of Souls in time to prevent Commander Falco from reaching it first. The great leonopteryx presented itself to Able Ryder during his travels (in an attempt to reach the Well of Souls before Commander Falco). Fortunately, due to his best efforts, he managed to reach the tree in the exact time and the aircraft was destroyed by some kind of powerful energy waves released through the tree as soon as he reached the tree. Due to Falco’s Dragon Assault Ship crashing out or smashed in the sky and the remaining humans scattered, the sacred holt was preserved from destruction.

It is important to notice, that the Na’vi culture does not recognize him among the six Toruk Makto, since he did not in fact bound his mount, but simply climbed onto leonopteryx’s back in an attempt to ride it. Consequently, he does not count as one of the six Toruk Makto.

4 How Jake Sully Became The Sixth Toruk Makto

Toruk Makto Avatar

A great deal of sorrow was felt by the Na’vi, specially the Omaticaya clan, because of the RDA’s actions on Earth-like habitable extrasolar moon (Pandora). After he declared his preparatory mission, which included collecting information concerning the Na’vi for the RDA, Jake Sully, an avatar driver who became initiated into the Omaticaya clan, was considered to be a betrayer. Both Dr. Grace Augustine and him captive through the Omaticaya and after ready in order to preserve their home tree opposed to the RDA. However, they quickly realized that their weapons were no match for that of the RDA, meaning they would not be able to stand against the RDA’s heavy weapons and fled into the forest. After the destruction of Hometree, Jake came across his mate, Neytiri, mourning the loss of her father and Olo’eyktan, Eytukan.

Mo’at, the leader of the clan, released Jake and Grace and pleaded with them to help the clan. Despite Jake’s attempts to comfort her, she violently rejected him and told him never to return. He was coerced back to human form, along with Grace and Norm Spellman, and was arrested for insurrection but they were rescued by Trudy Chacon, another renegade RDA member.
When they reached the hangar, they boarded Trudy’s Samson, but Colonel Quaritch was alerted to their escape attempt and fired at the Samson in an attempt to stop them. While the rebels escaped, Dr. Augustine was mortally wounded by Quaritch’s cannon shot. As a way of restoring his respect or reputation in the eyes of Neytiri and the rest of the Omaticaya, Jake re-enters into his avatar form and encounters a mountain banshee, it means reached at his mountain banshee.

Together, they flew until a great leonopteryx was discovered. Taking it for granted that it never looks up, since there are no naturalistic vultures to attack it from above, Jake flew out his dragon “banshee” at the top of it, thereafter jumped into the back of the great leonopteryx and bonded with it. And eventually in this process he called the sixth Toruk Makto.

When Jake reached the Tree of Souls, he drove his recent mount to the Omaticaya. His achievement astonished the Omaticaya, mostly Neytiri. Since this meant he truly stood with the Na’vi, as well as that he was assigned to lead them to conquest above the source of great sorrow, just as the five others had before him. The Omaticaya, particularly Neytiri, were astonished by his achievement and forgave him perfectly. It is most likely that there is a strong connection between this reverence for Toruk Makto and the Na’vi’s reverence for Toruk Makto in widespread, because a Toruk Makto must possess a strong heart and be deeply passionate about the Na’vi, to the point of intending to do anything to help them succeed and to serve them.

It was Neytiri’s strong heart that motivated her to rescue Jake, it means Jake’s strong heart had already caught Neytiri’s attention months before when they both met for the first time, which was one of the reasons she made a decision to protect him. In such a difficult time of worriment, such a dominant with a strong and loving heart would make a great leader for the People. In order to save Grace, Jake asked Mo’at for help, and after that the Omaticaya attempted a consciousness displacement on her.

The displacement was almost successful, but Grace’s great wounds prevented it from taking place; it means she approached seeing Eywa, the transfer failed due to Grace’s serious wounds. As Jake was angered by the RDA, he addressed the Omaticaya, which prompted other Na’vi clans to congregate to fight it off. As he gave orders, the Ikran Maktos of the Na’vi clan flew an aerial attack in opposition to the RDA fleet with his great leonopteryx in support of the Na’vi clans in preservation of the Tree of Souls.

With the detraction of a few individuals, all humans were expatriated from the beautiful place, Pandora and returned back to their dying planet after knocking down the RDA in the Invasion on the Tree of Souls. Toruk Makto was no stand in need of help, so Jake liberated his toruk. Having been deathly wounded in the combat, Tsu’tey transferred his hegemony on to Jake, who demonstrated to be an eligible heir apparent. As a result of the consciousness displacement performed by the Omaticaya, Jake comes back to the Tree of Souls.

5 In The Quest Of The Getting Toruk Makto Title, There Were Failed Attempts Of Riding Leonopteryx That Leads To Even Death

Toruk Makto Avatar

Nok heard Seyvaro tell about a legend he had heard once a time about a Na’vi boy who got trapped into the mountains opposed to his father’s desires in order to pilfer an egg to nurse his own Great Leonopteryx. As he climbed and searched for days, he made both friends and foes. Finally, he found a nest, and circumspectly took off the egg with him at the bottom of the mountain. As soon as the Great Leonopteryx explored the thievery, it flowed down from the mountain and devoured the boy.

A second failed attempt at riding Great Leonopteryx was made by Ralu, but he eventually fell off and was wounded.