Teela (He Man): 10 Amazing Facts From Masters Of The Universe

In the world of Eternia, heroes and villains battle for control of the universe. One of the most iconic heroes of this universe is none other than He-Man, defender of Castle Grayskull. But he is not alone in his quest to protect the kingdom of Eternia. Meet Teela, the captain of the Royal Guard and one of He-Man’s closest allies. Teela often accompanies He-Man on his adventures, using her skills to help him in his battles against the evil forces of Skeletor. She is also a powerful magician, with the ability to sense danger and even move objects with her mind.

Here are the 20 of the wow worthy facts of Teela from all He Man stories altogether.

1In Mini Comics Version Of He Man, Teela Was Unaware Of Adam’s Alternate Identity In Earlier Days

Teela is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise. She holds the position of Captain of the Royal Guard at the Eternos palace, where she is tasked with training and protecting Prince Adam of Eternia. Teela often aids He-Man in his battles, without knowing that Adam and He-Man are the same person. Teela was an early character created for the franchise, but her action figure was not released until the second half of the first wave.

2Teela Was A Clone Of The Goddess Who Was Captured By Skeletor To Turn Her A Malevolent Version Under His Control

Teela was a skilled female fighter who was considered a “warrior goddess” and was believed to be imbued with the spirits of great warriors who had passed away. She traveled through the deserted landscapes of Eternia on a unicorn and was a loyal companion of He-Man. Teela was informed by the Spirit of Grayskull that she would eventually be appointed as the protector of Castle Grayskull, which was a title that she would be proud to accept.

However, in the DC Minicomics, it was revealed that Teela was actually a clone of the Goddess. Skeletor had captured the original Goddess twenty years prior and intended to raise the clone as an evil version under his control. Fortunately, Man-At-Arms rescued the infant clone and named her after the Goddess, raising her as his own daughter.

3In Paul Kupperberg Story, Teela Is Portrayed As The Captain Of The Royal Guard Of Eternia and Confidant Of King Randor

In Paul Kupperberg’s DC Comics stories, Teela was portrayed as a hot-tempered member of Eternia’s Royal Guard. Initially, she was assigned to be the bodyguard of Prince Adam, who had a reputation for being reckless and a womanizer. As the story progressed, Teela rose in rank to become the Captain of the guard, fighting alongside He-Man and other heroic warriors. Teela helped He-Man in finding the talismans that would lead them to the Power Sword.

4Teela As A “Sorceress Of Castle GreySkull” Story Began Even Before The Appearance Of He Man

Years before He-Man’s arrival, Man-At-Arms rescued Zoar from being sacrificed to the demon Bakkull by the evil warrior Mer-Man. While investigating the nest, he found a baby girl, Teela, who was the daughter of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress could not raise her herself, so she gave her to Man-At-Arms to protect her identity and keep her safe.

Man-At-Arms raised Teela at the Royal Palace of Eternia and trained her in combat skills. She later studied with the wizard Mallek, who had romantic feelings for her, but she did not return them. Teela became the Captain of the Palace Guard and continued to search for clues about her mother and father.

Teela eventually learned from the Oracle of the Crystal Sea that she is a Sorceress’s daughter and would one day become the guardian of Castle Grayskull. However, the Sorceress erased Teela’s memories of these events for her safety. Teela still had a subconscious bond with her mother and even temporarily assumed the role of Sorceress when she was banished by Skeletor.

Teela was an excellent fighter but sometimes had a reckless streak and disobeyed her father’s orders. She didn’t know about Adam’s secret identity and scolded him for being lazy and not taking his training seriously. Teela also had a romantic interest in He-Man and flirted with him on occasion.

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5Teela Was Portrayed In Long White Robes With Feather-like Strands In Masters of the Universe (1987 film)

In the 1987 live-action film Masters of the Universe, the character of Sorceress was played by Christina Pickles. In the movie, Skeletor has imprisoned Sorceress and is draining her powers for his own gain, causing her to age and become weak. After Skeletor is defeated, the Sorceress appears to regain her powers and youth. In the Masters of the Universe live-action film, the Sorceress wears long white robes, with strands of white fabric hanging from her arms as a homage to the original design. Instead of a bird-like headpiece, the Sorceress has crystals throughout her long silver hair, giving the appearance of a crown. These design details are most visible in the scene where the Sorceress waves goodbye to the characters of Julie and Kevin.

6Teela Was Portrayed As Classic Falcon Form In The New Adventures of He-Man (1989–1992)

The Sorceress takes on different forms in The New Adventure series. In the first minicomic, she appears in her classic falcon form to warn Prince Adam about Skeletor’s plans to steal the Power of Grayskull. Later, in a futuristic version of Eternia, she wears chrome armor and informs He-Man that he must say the name of the Starship Eternia to transform.

In the animated series, The New Adventures of He-Man, the Sorceress wears a combination of her classic falcon suit and chrome armor. She mostly appears in He-Man’s mind to give him guidance and can use her powers to reach out to the future and talk to other characters telepathically. In one episode, she sends Teela to the future to help a homesick prince of Eternia.

7Teela Was Appeared Much Like An Egyptian Goddess Than A Falcon In Masters of the Universe vs. The Snake Men (2002)

The Sorceress in the 2002 He-Man series had a costume that was redesigned to resemble an Egyptian goddess rather than a falcon. She is still the secret mother of Teela, and her past is briefly revealed in the episode “Out of the Past”. It is implied that Teela’s father is Man-At-Arms, but it is not confirmed. The Sorceress and Teela both have red hair and look alike when not in formal attire. In the third season, it was intended for Teela to discover the truth about her mother. The Sorceress is depicted as a capable fighter in several instances, including fighting off Prahvus and King Hiss. She was also shown to have defeated Evil-Lyn in a comic book storyline. The original Sorceress of Castle Grayskull was Veena, the wife of King Grayskull, who had a similar appearance to Teela Na and could transform into a bird. The series was also intended to introduce She-Ra and have the Sorceress send He-Man on a quest to locate his sister with the Sword of Protection.

8This comic uses the Character “Teela” to refer more to a priestess role In 2012 DC Comics Series

This comic book portrays the term “sorceress” as being synonymous with “priestess”. There are three sorceresses in the story, each serving a different god. Teela Na is the oracle of the goddess Zoar and is also the wife of Man-At-Arms and the mother of Teela, who is unaware of this fact until her mother’s death. When Skeletor captures Castle Grayskull, Teela Na creates an illusion of a falcon to help Prince Adam, who has lost his memory, and Adam calls it Zoar. Unfortunately, Skeletor kills Teela Na before Adam can return to the castle. Teela Na reappears during the “What Lies Within” arc, where she meets with her daughter in the circle of eternity and transforms her into a snake woman, making her an oracle of the snake people god Sepos. Teela Na also appears as a ghost to help her daughter in the final fight with Evil-Lyn. Evil-Lyn herself becomes a sorceress at the end of the story and serves as the priestess of Horkoth, the god of the hordes.

9From Teleportation To Shapeshifting, She Has Countless Superpowers

The Sorceress possesses strong telepathic powers, enabling her to communicate with He-Man and sense the thoughts, emotions, and intentions of others, even from a long distance. She also has the ability to transport herself and others over great distances and can bestow temporary powers, such as flying, on others, as shown in “The Cosmic Comet” episode. In addition, she has the power to disguise herself as other individuals, as seen in “Lessons,” where she appears as an old man. Her magical abilities also include telekinesis, illusion casting, flame generation, and the creation of magical shields and powerful energy blasts.

10In Netflix 2021 Series, Teela Develops More Stronger Character Than Her Rival Evelyn

Teela’s transformation into her powered form surprises Evelyn, as she is able to cast spells without using any incantations. This prompts Teela to give herself the title of “Sorceress,” which is a term that Evelyn is familiar with and recognizes.

Evelyn mentored Teela, a street urchin, to help her steal artifacts linked to the Power of Grayskull, which Evelyn had spent her life studying to acquire. However, Teela was chosen by the Guardian of Grayskull’s power and became the Sorceress, far surpassing Evelyn’s magical abilities. Envious of Teela’s success, Evelyn is now motivated to cause chaos and prove that she is a better spellcaster who did not rely on luck to obtain her power.