12 Gruesome Facts About Tao Tei Monsters (Alien Species)

The Tao Tei, also known as the Taotie, are a fictional monster species that appear in the 2016 film “The Great Wall.” In the film, the Tao Tei are portrayed as large, quadrupedal beasts with thick, armored hides that protect them from weapons. They have a distinctive, reptilian appearance, with sharp claws and teeth, and a long tail. They are also able to exhale fire. The Tao Tei are highly aggressive and fiercely territorial, and are capable of causing great destruction when they attack.

1 Tao Tei Looks Like A Monstrous Version Of Canids

The Tao Tei are four-legged creatures that have green skin and are carnivorous. They resemble canids and other carnivorous mammals in plausibility. They have frills on their head that allow them to communicate with each other from far away.

2 Being The Ancient Chinese Creature, Tao Tei Is Known For Having Dark Green Blood

These creatures have intricate skull crest motifs that served as the model for the tao Tei motif in Ancient Chinese cultures, and their leathery hides have a shimmering, jade-like quality. Dark green is the color of their blood.

3Almost 80 Percent Of Tao Tei Are Gruesome Soldiers Having Hyena Like Appearance

Tao Tei Monster

The Tao Tei that are most frequently observed are millions in number, about the size of a lion, and have long, skinny limbs and a short tail which allow it to make hyena-like resemblance. Their head has sockets on the front of its muzzle providing it a skull-like appearance, and their yellow eyes are situated on their shoulders rather than the middle of the head. They have preventable thumbs and four-fingered forepaws with pointed or razor-sharp claws. A gill-like opening on its nape allows it to communicate over great distances and stridulate such as a cricket. It also has multiple rows of sharp teeth, wide-opening jaws that resemble snakes, a bristly black mane that runs down its back, and multiple rows of sharp teeth.

4 There Are Only Few Ape-Like Tao Tai Who Are Demonstrated As Queen’s Guards

There aren’t many of these Tao Tei (about twenty or thirty in total); it means they are much fewer in counting, they resemble apes in resemblance, are about the size of elephants, and have frills that can be pulled back on their shoulders. Their heads are small and flat, and they have a shortage of tails. Their hands resemble those of humans and are powerful enough to lift a small soldier, Tao Tei. These Tao Tei defend the Queen and can spread out their ponderously armored frills to serve as shields from gunfire. They are bulkier and more ponderously armored. These armored frills can stand firm against catapults and projectiles with pointy edges. They frequently surround the Queen in a ring for protection.

5 Queen Is Physically Biggest In The Entire Tao Tei Clan

This creature, roughly twice the size of the Tao Tei soldiers (but less substantial than her royal guards), issues commands and manages the Tao Tei hordes. Her long, squat body, the overlapping plates on her back, the length of her whip-like tail, and the placement of her eyes on her face give her some lizard or dinosaur-like characteristics. Her lips curve upward, giving her a perpetual snarling expression, and her head is spherical with a protruding forehead. The two-pronged sail on her head, which swings backwards and forwards (vibrates) to signal to her troops, making it one of her most distinctive physical features.

She gives off the impression of being intelligent because she can think of tactics and defenses to deal with the colony’s adversaries. Her main responsibility is to reproduce, but she can only do so in direct ratio to the quantity of food that the workers give her. The workers eat a lot of food and then disgorge it means reverse throw it back to her.

6 Tao Tei Devour Everything That Gets In Their Way.

The only thing the Tao Tei care about is devouring everything that gets in their way. They are eusocial ants-like creatures wholly focused on supporting their queen. They are carnivores and will consume any form of flesh, including that of humans and animals, whether it is alive or dead. They have even been known to retrieve the bodies of other Tao Tei who have been killed, presumably to scavenge (Possibly to scavenge or to prevent humans from studying them).

7 Tao Tei Queen Possess Enhanced Intelligence That May Develop A Great War Strategy Against Any Race

The only person in the horde who has any type of promoted thinking ability in terms of intelligence is the Queen. She is the only one who has been proven to be able to strategize and plan in response to shifting conditions on the battlefield, as evidenced by her presumably giving her soldiers orders to move cautiously and noiselessly through dense fog. She is also shown to be ruthless in how she carries out these plans, and she is desirous in every way to sacrifice the lives of her soldiers in order to accomplish her objectives, though she will order a strategic withdrawal if she is expending too many lives for too little to no indeed obtain.

8Soldier Tao Tei Don’t Show Any IQ Like Their Queen But They Can Understand Her Instruction Well

The Soldier Tao Tei do not have highly developed thinking abilities, but they are able to adapt and follow the orders of the queen. For example, during an assassination, they were able to wait for the right moment to attack and use tactics, such as leaving the bodies of human soldiers in a way that would separate the general from their bodyguards, without being told to do so by the queen. This shows that they have some level of intelligence and problem-solving ability. The Soldiers are extremely aggressive and fearless, and will charge through a barrage of arrows and catapult shots even when they are being hit multiple times. They are also willing to push themselves onto spears in an attempt to reach their target.

9Queen Always Produce Countless Number Of Tao Tei Soldiers To Multiply Her Alien Colony

Tao Tei Monster

The Tao Tei are fast runners and comparatively strong personally, but they usually rely on attacking in large groups to defeat their enemies. They often regurgitate much of the food they eat to feed the queen, and a large supply of food allows the queen to produce more soldiers and grow their colony.

10 Tao Tei Can Be Overpowered By Magnetic Rock

The presence of magnetic rocks seems to block the Tao Tei’s ability to communicate with the hive mind, causing them to become calm and silent without being instructed or in the other words we can say that the Tao Tei can be controlled by using magnetic rocks, which seem to disrupt their connection to the hive mind and cause them to become motionless and silent.

11They Are Too Difficult To Kill But Close Attacks On Their Eyes & Throats Can Make Them Defeated

Tao Tei Monster

Although the Tao Tei are corporeally stringent and can withstand an arrow hail, a lance blow, or even being set on the fire, a straight or unswerving strike to the eye will instantly assassinate them. While this is the simplest way to kill them, other strategies like forcing explosives down their throats or chopping them up seem to work just as well.

As both the colony’s reproductive component and the thought-initiator of the hive mind, the Queen is the most important component of the colony. When she is killed, the entire colony disintegrates, and the entire army stops moving and stands still.

12 They Were Believed To Come From Meteor That Crashed On Earth Around 1000BC

The Gouwu Mountain in Ancient China started to glow green after a meteor crashed onto it around 1000 BC. With it, the Tao Tei emerged and started to destroy China. The Chinese believed that the Tao Tei was sent by the gods to punish the emperor of the time for abusing power and to serve as a warning to the populace about the cost of unbridled greed because the resemblance of the creatures fortuitously with the regulation of a autocratic emperor. They have since launched an assault on northern China on one occasion every sixty years. For protection of the land and to fight the Tao Tei, the unnamed order was established.

Actual Story Of “The Great Wall” When Western Mercenaries Lead The Entire Chinese Army To Combat Tao Tei

The Nameless Order once more drove back the Tao Tei’s attempts to invade the interior of China during the Song Dynasty. Two captured Western mercenaries had alerted the Order that the blockade was for the total nine days early and had also killed a Tao Tei scout. As the soldiers used archers, flaming catapults, and spear-women to keep the Tao Tei at bay as they descended from the mountain in a massive swarm, the Tao Tei pointed themselves onto the wall through the millions. The Queen and her protector or guard were the final to leave the mountain. The catapults were aimed at the Queen, but the frills on her escorts allowed them to recurve the fireballs away from her.

In a fit of rage, she ordered her soldiers to construct a ladder out of their own bodies to scale the wall; at least three succeeded, but were assassinated by the mercenaries they had just captured. The Queen called back her troops as heavy casualties mounted, and they collected the deceased Tao Tei and fled.

Later, it was learned that the magnetic rocks used to calm and immobilize the Tao Tei were part of a plot to use them against them via the Queen. But it was found that the Queen had been besieging the Wall as a distraction, while the rest of the army had been tearing down the Great Wall, avoiding it and the Order, and guiding her hordes to the capital. An experiment gone wrong resulted in the magnet being taken too far away, waking up, and signaling to the Queen, directing the swarm directly toward the emperor’s palace. A Tao Tei soldier, captured supra to test the magnet theory or concept, went into liquidation inside the palace.

With the aid of the palace’s military, a small group of the Order was able to prevent the capital from being completely overrun. The Order was able to take advantage of the swarm’s reluctance to aggression while the Queen was growing dim by snuck into the sewers where the Tao Tei had built a new nest in the middle of the city. While at the location, the group attached explosives to take into custody a Tao Tei soldier and provided it with food to bring back to the Queen. The bomb-laden Tao Tei was initially refused entry by the Queen’s guards, but they ultimately (and without forethought or absurdly) gave in.

The Order’s widespread and one of the mercenaries scaled a tower to fire an detonating arrow at the bombed men-of-war, but the Queen’s guards well-turned to recurve it, alerting the Queen to their impendence and causing her to call her soldiers to assault the tower. With the explosives now inside the Guards’ protective ring, the Order’s general and the other mercenary fired another explosive arrow at the bombed soldier. The first two attempts were unsuccessful, but on the third try, they dropped the magnet right in the middle of the guards, preventing them from unfolding their frills and exposing the Queen.

The arrow successfully pierced the bombed Tao Tei, and the Queen desperately attempted to neutralize the detonators through the masticating on them. However, this only served to set off the explosion, which killed her and her guards. The Tao Tei was finally put to an end once and for all when the Queen was destroyed, causing the rest of the army to freeze in place and fall dead all over the palace.