Geokinesis Superpower (+ 10 Fictional Figures With Earth Manipulation Powers) 

Geokinesis is the purported ability to manipulate and control various aspects of the Earth and its natural processes through psychic or supernatural means and this power is also dubbed as Earth Manipulation. This term is not widely recognized by the scientific community, and there is currently no scientific evidence to support the existence of this ability. It is considered to be a pseudoscience.

This ability is said to include the ability to cause earthquakes, fissures, rock slides, landslides, volcanic eruptions, or even the ability to cause rocks to shoot up from the ground.

Many people who believe in geokinesis attribute the ability to individuals who possess psychic or supernatural powers, such as the ability to move objects with the mind, or to communicate with the dead.

Geokinesis Superpower

The ability to cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters is a highly complex process that is not well understood by scientists. While there are theories about how these events occur, such as plate tectonics and volcanic activity, there is no evidence to suggest that they can be controlled by an individual with psychic or supernatural powers.

Many people believe that the power of nature should be respected and left to its own course, without any interference by human capabilities, even the ones that seem supernatural. It’s important to remember that natural disasters can have serious consequences and attempting to control them through pseudoscientific means can lead to more harm than good.


Geokinesis Superpower

This ability is supposed to allow the individual to move earth as if by telekinesis, change its properties such as texture, density, fluidity and temperature, induce or prevent natural phenomena like sinkholes, quicksand, mudslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, shape it into tools or constructions and even create earth out of thin air.

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Notable Fictional Superheroes Or Villains Known For Their Geokinetic Powers

1 Avalanche (Marvel Comics)

Geokinesis Superpower

Two made-up characters go by the name of “Avalanche” and can be found in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The X-Men are typically shown to be each character’s enemy.

Avalanche is a Cretan mutant who, in the form of Dominikos Petrakis, is capable of generating seismic waves from his hands that are powerful enough to cause earthquakes of various sizes and to disintegrate anything other than living tissue. He was a part of Freedom Force and the Brotherhood of Mutants, among other organizations. Avalanche, as portrayed by Dominikos Petrakis, is a mutant with the superhuman ability to produce strong seismic waves from his hands, which have extremely destructive effects. In recent years, it has been demonstrated that the waves also have an effect on organic matter and can cause organic matter to break or crumble into dust. The seismic waves can, in certain situations, produce effects resembling an earthquake or avalanche when they are directed against large objects like buildings or upon the earth itself. Avalanche need not physically contact an object in order to affect it; he can direct the waves against it from a distance. The production of his own vibratory waves is immune to Avalanche himself. But he would be hurt if the seismic waves were reflected back at him. Initially, Avalanche’s Geokinesis Superpower had little to no effect on organic tissue, with the reflected vibrations from organic matter hurting him, as when he once attempted to attack the Hulk, but recently, it seems that this is no longer the case. There is currently no known limit to the size of the area that Avalanche can control at once. However, there is currently no proof that he is capable of causing an earthquake powerful enough to level an entire city. Avalanche is a competent hand-to-hand fighter who trained in unarmed combat while serving with Freedom Force. Avalanche is protected from harm by an armored battle suit that can even stop a land mine from hitting him. He communicated with other Freedom Force members using a two-way radio while a member of Freedom Force.

Avalanche is a mutant with the same powers as the first version, but the unidentified version can also target organic tissue, something the original version was unable to do.

2Geo-Force (DC Comics)   

Geo-Force, also known as Prince Brion Markov, is a fictional character from the DC Comics universe. He is a member of the Markov royal family and the older brother of Terra. As a member of the superhero team the Outsiders, Geo-Force possesses abilities related to the Earth, including control over gravity and the ability to manipulate and communicate with the Earth. His geokinesis superpowers include the ability to create a defensive shield using gravity, lift objects of various sizes, and move any form of earth or mineral on a large scale. Additionally, his connection to the Earth allows him to heal quickly when in direct contact with it, and to identify the minerals and chemicals present in the surrounding soil.

3 Sandy Hawkins (DC Comics)

Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins, also known as Sandman, is a fictional character and superhero in the DC Comics universe. He possesses the ability to manipulate the earth and soil through his mind, causing it to rumble, change shape, levitate, or attack enemies. He can also generate seismic waves and control the consistency of earth, rocks, lava and create shapes out of solid rock. He is the successor of his mentor Wesley Dodds.

4 Jinx (DC Comics)

A fictional supervillain named Jinx can be found in American books written and published by DC Comics. She made her debut in Tales of the Teen Titans 56 (August 1985), which was written by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton. The character is frequently portrayed as a skilled Indian sorceress who serves as one of the Fearsome Five’s leaders. The Fearsome Five is a team of super-villains best known for opposing the Teen Titans and their offspring. This character is unrelated to the male counterpart of the same name who first appeared as Chris King and Vicki Grant’s foes in Adventure Comics #488.

Jinx is a powerful elemental sorceress who draws her magic and geokinetic superpowers from the stable, unchanging ground. She must therefore always have contact between the ground and her bare feet in order for her magical effects to remain intact. Her elemental skills include, but are not limited to: producing strong force blasts, conjuring wind bursts, calling forth emerald flames, producing earth tremors, producing illusions, even dissolving solid matter. Additionally, Jinx has the capacity for precognition, which gives her the ability to recognize potentially harmful situations in advance. In order to gently manipulate even more powerful magic stored within the Earth, Jinx has the capacity to communicate with the Earth itself. There is no way to know if she also possesses other mystical skills.

5 Daisy Johnson (Marvel Comics)

Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake, was initially thought to be a mutant with the capacity to cause seismic (earthquake-producing) events. Being the adopted daughter of Calvin Zabo, a.k.a. Mister Hyde, and a person of Inhuman ancestry, grants her special abilities. Zabo had altered his DNA prior to using the Hyde Formula. Kim Johnson, a prostitute who Calvin frequently did “business” with, immediately gave her daughter up for adoption. When Daisy’s foster parents adopted her at the age of seven months, they gave her the name Cory Sutter. Due to Daisy’s mother’s Inhuman ancestry, when she was a teenager and she accidentally activated her vibrational powers by stealing two CDs, an earthquake was set off.

6Rama Khan (DC Comics)

A fictional character named Rama Khan can be found in DC Comics’ American comic books. He was created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke, and made his debut in JLA 62. Rama Khan first appears in 1,004 BC, but his precise birthdate is not mentioned. He shared the position of co-ruler of Atlantis with Gamemnae in the land of Atlantis. Khan had previously traveled to Atlantis from the remote nation of Jarhanpur to gather a band of heroes to guard the realm. Rama Khan was born in Jarhanpur, which greatly influences his skills. Rama Khan has the magic based on Geokinesis superpower to turn a handful of its soil into granite, fire, or wine. Khan is a fantastic magician as well as being extremely strong and immortal.

7 Rockslide (Marvel Comic Universe)

Santo Vaccarro, a fictional mutant superhero and X-Men member in the Marvel Comics universe, goes by the name Rockslide. Santo initially had a body made entirely of granite that resembled the Thing in appearance. He now had superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and the capacity to shoot his hands as projectiles thanks to this. Theoretically, Santo is capable of reshaping himself into a “golem” and absorbing the properties of the ambient earth matter. He was able to regenerate from solid rocks after his body was destroyed the first time, giving him a larger and more robust rock body. He reformed from the molten rocks of Limbo a second time, gaining the capacity to produce and sustain heat from within as well as some magic resistance. The third time he blew himself up, [volume and issue needed] and emerged from the school’s grounds. Santo’s former capacity to fire off his limbs appears to have been lost in his newly reformed bodies. Instead, the force that once propelled his limbs is now explosively released from his whole body, destroying his form and allowing him to recover.

8Magma (Marvel Comics)

Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, also known as Alison Crestmere, is a fictional character that appears in American comic books produced by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in the television series New Mutants and is linked to several X-Men-related comics. It was co-created by Chris Claremont, John Buscema, Glynis Wein, and Bob McLeod.

Amara, like the other New Mutants characters, was initially portrayed as a young mutant with heroic aspirations. Her codename is Magma, and she is a mutant with the capacity to produce lava (also check Fire Manipulation Or Pyrokinesis). Having geothermal abilities, Magma is also a mutant. These give her geokinesis

power over tectonic plates, even to the point of causing earthquakes. Amara is able to sense seismic activity and stop earthquakes before they occur thanks to her special abilities that make her so attuned to the Earth. She has the ability to summon molten rock from the Earth’s core as well, creating lava projectiles or miniature volcanoes.

Magma typically assumes an energized form that radiates intense light and heat when she is using her powers. While in this form, Amara can raise the temperature so that anything in her vicinity will melt—just as metal weapons will—before harming her in any way. She has also shown off this power without taking on her energized form by heating up the room at a Hellfire Club party, causing everyone in it to sweat to the point of dehydration and passing out. [85] In addition, she has the ability to conjure firelike orbs that can be used as projectiles or lights. Magma has never been observed using her power to control lava while appearing as a normal human, despite causing minor earth tremors without assuming her energized form. She traveled through the hot volcanic gases on M-Day and proved to be resistant to the heat, flame, and volcanic gases.

In addition, Amara has some regenerative abilities when she touches the ground.

9 Sandman (Marvel Comics)

William Baker The Sandman is a. k. a. Flint Marko is a fictional character who appears in American comic books produced by Marvel Comics. He began as a recurring foe of the superhero Spider-Man but over time was gradually redeemed, ultimately becoming an antihero. He is a shapeshifter with the ability to transform himself into sand due to an accident. The Sandman is a founding member of the supervillain groups Sinister Six and Frightful Four as well as a former foe of the Fantastic Four. The Sandman has the capacity to change his physical form. He has the power to manipulate (Earth manipulation) sand and rock particles on Earth to harden, compact, disperse, or shape his body, or a combination of these qualities. This ability enables him to absorb the majority of blows in combat with little to no negative consequences other than reforming himself, which is a relatively quick action. To give the impression that he is wearing clothes, his cargo pants and striped shirt are both painted sand. He had the ability to stretch his sand molecules even after getting wet, which allowed him to double in size.

Sandman can shape his hands and arms into weapons like a mace or a sledgehammer to fight Spider-Man and his other foes. The quantity of sand and rock particles that make up him corresponds to his mass, strength, and shape-shifting abilities. He is improving those qualities as he absorbs more and more of the nearby rock and sand particles into his body. His mind is in the astral plane, yet he controls every particle in his body. He has the ability to transform into a sandstorm, which allows him to fly great distances and suffocate his foes.

10 Terra (DC Comics)

Three fictional superheroines from DC Comics series go by the name Terra. The first Terra, Tara Markov, is an antiheroine who is ultimately revealed to be a supervillain acting as a double agent. Her first appearance was in New Teen Titans 26 (December 1982), and she was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. Marv Wolfman and Tom Grummett’s second Terra, a Tara Markov clone, made her debut in New Titans 79 (September 1991). Atlee’s personality is very different from the original Tara, despite her horrific ordeal at the hands of the Dark Side Club and her earlier portrayals as a somber, reserved, quiet, and polite young lady. Atlee’s true self appears to be that of a happy, vivacious, and illogical adolescent, wholly naive about surface life and coming from a society who apparently forbade malice and human greed from their way of life, in contrast to Tara, who primarily concealed a brooding, dark personality. She consequently develops an early admiration for Power Girl and rarely leaves her side. She also exhibits a strong desire for “pop culture,” as evidenced by Atlee’s comical impersonations of fictional characters from various films, which have been a staple of the Power Girl series since 2009, which she frequently comments on.

Gerard Shugel, the Ultra-Humanite, was able to easily shift nearby tectonic plates or cause volcanoes to erupt at his command while residing in Atlee’s body. However, she currently restricts herself to “harmless” feats like growing large rock formations with the slowness needed to avoid a geological hazard and using floating rocks as projectiles and to levitate around with her Earth manipulation superpower. He speculates that despite Atlee’s incredible power throughout her entire life, she purposefully chose to restrain herself out of concern for the harm she might otherwise cause.