Electrokinesis (Electricity Manipulation) Superpower Explained With Facts, Applications & Theories

Before we get started with electrokinesis, allow us to give you a brief backstory on how it came to be. Electricity manipulation is usually a very misunderstood and misconstrued ability, which is the reason why people often want or need a professional explanation of what it truly entails. Electrokinesis, or “electricity manipulation,” can create, shape and manipulate and simulate electricity as well as simulate magnetic fields in any given area and they’re able to do so across large distances. Now, we all encounter electricity in our daily lives, but for those who aren’t as electrically wired as others, it’s the phenomenon of physical existence associated with an electric charge. This one’s for all of you who have never heard of it — here’s your chance to learn more about this ancient art!

Understanding how electricity works is a complex, yet rewarding process. Electricity is a type of energy that flows from various sources. For the most part, it comes from the conversion of other types of energy such as magnetism, which are the results of the electromagnetism phenomenon. When you’re trying to figure out how one power compares to another, you’ll typically see this portrayed in a rock-paper-scissors dynamic where one power is superior to another while being inferior to another, but equal to an unrelated power.

1 Origination & Folklore

The history of electricity spans a long time and has been largely studied around the globe. Sometimes, we see it as just one of those interesting topics that are easy to skip over. We realize how important it is in day-to-day life, but it’s also amazing to know that our species has seemed to have total control over its development. To where we can use it for over a century now. There are numerous people to credit throughout this time period, ranging from Thalesa Melesius and Nikola Tesla, who were among some of the first scientists studying static electricity and electromagnetism respectively. They were followed by Michael Faraday because he established the term “electromagnetism” for scientific study. However, before we could study static electricity like we do now, electricity was only observed during electrical discharges or other electrical phenomena such as lightning. Early texts from ancient Egypt alluded to electric fish in the Nile as agents that protect aquatic life and referred to them as “Thunderer of Nile.” These animals took on gigantic importance during early Egyptian religion before eventually becoming extinct because man has almost completely dominated its use.

The ancient legends of lightning attributed its divine power to its use of tools that mortal humans could wield and thus call upon the power of lightning. The myths gave the mortals some supernatural properties in an intellectual origin, making people think that lightning was a force with which they could control their environment with destructive power.

You Remember the Thor has been the Norse god of thunder for centuries. Zeus also has powers on lightning, with his lightning bolts being powerful enough to destroy entire cities. Electricity is a common way to transmit energy, but lightning can transfer it quickly and efficiently.

The one major use for this phenomenon was as a form of convenient transfer from one place to another and its greatest strength is that it can’t be “struck” like other natural phenomena.

Electricity has been adapted to a huge industry with an almost endless variety of uses. Even though it’s been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that electricity was adopted by the world. And with that, the most basic technological devices began to work correctly and people stopped talking about electricity much. Nowadays, people don’t think much about their smartphones or other technology because they just assume that it will always be working. If anything goes wrong, then they start paying attention and fixing it instead of electricians coming out.

2 Idea, Analysis And Theories About Electrokinesis

Electric Charge between substances gives rise to and interacts with an electromagnetic force. Electromagnetic forces are responsible for the interactions of all of the four fundamental forces of nature. Electrons, protons and some other particles tend to be the most familiar carriers of electric charges. Despite the fact that this is still true, electricity is most effective when it passes through a medium that has enough solidity so that the amount of electric charge can pass through freely like metal or water.

Electricity manipulation is often classified as an uber ability, sometimes being called or associated with the sound of thunder, the sound produced from stormy weather or lightning. A common trope with this power often gives electricity esoteric properties, which has powers or plot-progression capabilities. It is said that an instant or someone who can use this ability can do anything that they desire.

With examples provided that show the healing of wounds, as well as the start-up or creation of life sentience, mental control, as well as imitating other abilities such as telekinesis, magnetism or weather control. In popular culture, electricity is considered to have amazing powers that make it unique or even half-way magical. While this may be a matter of opinion, we do know that when it comes down to the real world, electricity is just another form of energy. And while this can be argued and supported, especially if one has a large enough imagination, unfortunately our tangible and rule-bound reality shows us that electricity is not nearly as impressive as it is in popular culture.

3 Pop Culture Ideation About Electricity Manipulation

This ability, in the right hands or not, is still one of the most preferred abilities. In addition to being powerful and looking flashy, for one, when we think of electricity, we think of it being projected in some way, shape, or form. This has been translated to popular culture as well. But when shooting lightning, it tends to be treated as some sort of light producing energy, being where you can free, aim, and shoot wherever you choose, this really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because the release of lightning is just a really big static charge and then an equally as big destructive discharge. It’s not a pretty natural process. You produce the same effect when wearing sweaters or thick clothing, and then you release it through static electricity that you built up. Although not on such a massive scale. Remember the electron or protons that became charged? This helps them leap from one object with a high potential or higher charge to something with a lower potential or lower charge, meaning the only way to effectively aim would be to modify the potential of both you and your target, in which case it would be impossible to dodge. Because of that, this aspect of electricity is almost always ignored, unless it’s for dramatic effect as something that’s shown to be instantaneous and unavoidable risk becoming overpowered. And power is one thing that this ability carries in spades. As popular culture has shown us instances of electrical sparks being used to symbolize an excess of power, often with dangerous undertones. But that leads us perfectly to our next point – on what electricity or lightning represents. When normally portrayed, electricity takes the form of a lightning bulb, both in nature and in various artistic depictions. The lightning bubble, however, has always symbolized a sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance. Which is why, in popular culture, when a character gets an idea or discovers something, a light bulb will appear over their head, symbolizing their sudden realization in a similar but darker, more dramatic manner.

When information is revealed or ignorance is a race, instead of a satisfying ding of a light bulb, we see a flash of lightning that illuminates the surrounding darkness, which is immediately followed by the crash of thunder, revealing our current situation in a way that you cannot ignore.

Few media which use electrokinesis or electricity manipulation powers actually address the main issue, which comes with the power, which is damage to oneself. Even assuming that the user, being a normal human, is immune to electricity, which is often shown to be true in many cases, we’ve been shown secondary superpowers. The heat, light and sound produced by the lightning blast exiting their hands, chest, eyes would cause a level of damage that would put you or whoever you are around from ever using this ability again.

Wielders of this power have an odd tendency to either be insane, hyperactive, emotionally unstable, have blonde hair, be African American, or some combination of the previously mentioned in more modern interpretations, especially when it comes to science fiction. Previous incarnations, however, attributed this element with nightly or chivalrous mannerisms. Because electricity is viewed as a regal or divine ability.

The former makes sense. Not just because they share personality similarities to the element their powers are based off of. But we’ve been shown characters through the decades who have either had a superficially calm jovial or apathetic disposition become volatile or unpredictable upon the use of their abilities and just like electricity, seemingly calm and controlled when put towards a use but in its pure, uncontrolled state, extremely hazardous. Which explains why you wouldn’t touch an exposed crackling wire. At least I hope not, but will gladly interact with an appliance that electricity is channeled through. On that note, because electricity is synonymous with technology nowadays, users of this power seem to be related to technology in some way, shape or form, leading to users being tech nerds, making friends with robots, or feeling more comfortable around those they can give life to electricity versus someone they might hurt.

Uses of this power are seen with designs that carry a lot of sharp, thick or angular lines, while colors associated with this power range from white, blue and yellow. And heck, throwing a violin in there too. but we know that there exists different colors associated with different types or different conditions of the electricity. Users of this power are portrayed to have extremely high speed, moderate to high attack power and immense versatility.

4 Applications Of Electrokinesis

Creators often stretch the limits of what electricity manipulation is capable of, granting not just physical powers such as control over the element itself, but scientific ideals and metaphysical theories that haven’t yet been proven. These seem to work when it comes to this power. And with that, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to state that most characters with disability are shown to be intelligent, in addition to being mentally unstable to a certain degree. And it’s this mental instability that leads the user to get crafty or downright taboo with how these powers could work. 

With the power to manipulate electricity comes the natural ability to generate heat via supercharging the air. 

But you’re also able to attack with and defend with electricity via electric attacks

They’re capable of producing a tetherlike electric arc that clings objects through magnetic or electrostatic attraction via an electric pole.  

The user can release extreme electrical currents through a medium with these attacks with electric shock

They can then control the spread and flow of the electricity through said gas, liquid or solid matter With electric discharge

They’re able to sense and locate outside sources of electricity completely separate from their own person with electric detection and are able to take in and assimilate an outside source of electricity with electrical absorption

With all that extra juice, the user is able to amplify any source of electricity they come in contact with via electrical augmentation

They can also choose to group these ions together, condensing them into a solid form with electrical solidification. And since the electricity is already solid, you should be able to shape it into both complex and noncomplex forms with electrical constructs

While more advanced users are able to take this ability a step further and actually generate their own individual and separate source of electricity with electricity generation, since they’re able to control their own source of electricity, it’s possible for them to control yours and shut it off with electricity negation

Through this terrifying level of control, the user can use electricity as a form of radar, mapping out the surrounding environment with electro reception

They can also interface with these natural electrical signals and communicate with others who share this link with electro communication

But what if you want to interact with someone who can’t perceive electrical fields? Well, use your power to read, scan, and project thought waves as electromagnetic pulse signals with electrical telepathy. And a common way to go about that is by stimulating the natural bioelectrical signals and neurons in the human brain with bioelectricity manipulation and Neuroimpulse manipulation. Two powers for the price of one

With that, it’s very possible to use your technique to transform your own life energy into electricity and use that to empower yourself with electrical aura. This, too, can grant an enhanced condition by stimulating the human body. Interacting with these signals might be a little bit more complicated than you thought. Just take your electrical aura a step further and transform your physical being into electricity with electricity mimicry

In addition to being able to become electricity users one step below Godhood are capable of projecting massive bolts of the element with electrical bolt projections.

They can emit pure beams of electricity with electrical beam emissions, they can use electricity to enhance whatever combative capabilities they possess with electrokinetic combat.

The user can lift themselves off the ground using electricity, whether through magnetism or pure electrical force with electrical levitation, and can project this force outward and exert a telekinetic effect over an outside object in the same manner as levitation with electrical telekinesis

They can use electricity to heal others with electrical healing and heal and regenerate their own physical being with electrical regeneration. They can conceal themselves in electricity, becoming completely invisible with electrokinetic invisibility

While the best of the best, those who have mastered this ability to the fullest, are capable of shifting their physical form from one location to another, flying with electricity, with electrokinetic flight or they can perform this instantly via electroportation. 

Now, they can do this in one of two ways by traveling through electrical sources or technology via technoportations or by creating a portal made out of electricity via electrical portal creation

They can also shift this power outward, completely transforming the target into electricity with electric transmutation

Because lightning is a way more powerful version of electricity, users of this level are able to summon lightning from the sky itself with lightning calling and are able to release more powerful bolts of electricity with lightning bolts projection

Remember, lightning is a way stronger version than the electricity you’ll find in your pipes or something. And since they’re calling lightning from the sky, it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch to say that you can manipulate the surrounding weather with weather manipulation

One would also have the power to revive dead neurons, split elements into their original states, and control charged particles such as electrons, protons and the like with physical lightning manipulation

Essentially, the generation and or manipulation of all electrical and electromagnetic phenomena in the universe. There you have it, electricity manipulation. 

5 Limitations Of Electrokinesis

In a nutshell, an ability that allows you to make a flashy entrance and exit is nothing to scoff at. Thinking back at that mouth drawing spiel, there isn’t much that you can’t do with this ability. But in the inverse, there’s a lot that can go wrong with this ability or this power. For one, users of electricity immunity are not affected. No matter what you do. Electricity needs a conductor like metal or water to move through, meaning electricity cannot exist or move through a vacuum or insulated materials like rubber or air.

The user might not be able to create electricity, only manipulate it from preexisting forces. And as such, they might have to recharge their supply of electricity. There’s also a chance for the user to short circuit under conditions of excess water, strong magnetic fields, or an opposing electrical charge and users of electricity negation can just stop you before you let a single spark fly. And now, with all that out of the way, it’s time to place this ability on the scale. Electricity manipulation, an ability that arguably has more relevance in the modern era than any other time in history. I mean, it literally feels like it’s been woven into the fabric of our lives to where we can’t even imagine living without it. Although it does have a lot of weaknesses. You’re a free phone charger. That’s a plus for anybody, and it can’t get any better than that.