Falkor (The Neverending Story): Facts, Story & Character Analysis

Falkor, the luckdragon from the 1984 classic film The NeverEnding Story, is one of the most iconic fantasy creatures in film history. He serves as a guide and protector for the protagonist Bastian as he journeys through the land of Fantasia, ultimately helping him save the land from the evil sorcerer The Nothing.

Falkor, a luckdragon and the first dragon appeared in the series, he is also known as Fuchur, Falcor, or Falcore. He appears as the deuteragonist/tritagonist and is one of the main characters in The Neverending Story.

Falkor Is A Symbolism Of Hope & Optimism 

Falkor The Neverending Story

Falkor, the luckdragon from the land of Fantasia, is a wise and sophisticated creature known for his optimism and friendliness. He acts as a guide and advisor to those who have lost hope in their pursuits, offering guidance and support during difficult times. 

Throughout the story, he helps the protagonist Atreyu on his quest to stop the evil sorcerer The Nothing, and his kind and open nature makes him a valuable friend to all those he encounters. Falkor treasures his friendships deeply and avoids making enemies, only taking action against those who pose a threat to his friends or to Fantasia itself.

In the movie adaptation of “The NeverEnding Story”, Falkor is not portrayed as having any enemies other than The Nothing and G’mork. However, in the novel, Falkor is initially captured by Ygramul or “The Many“, a shape-shifting spider/wasp creature. In this version, Falkor is particularly loyal to Atreyu because Atreyu saves him from Ygramul’s capture. This storyline is not present in the film adaptation, but it adds an extra layer of depth to Falkor’s character in the book.

Home Of The Falcon Is Still A Secret To Us

Falkor The Neverending Story

Not much is revealed about Falkor’s home or habits in the movie or the novel. He is known to rest on the ground or while flying, and is connected to the elements of earth, air, water, and fire. The novel does mention the beauty of Falkor’s singing voice. In non-canonical material, it is said that Falkor originates from Sky Haven, a cloud-like land floating above Fantasia, which is also the home and birthplace of Luck Dragons.

Falkor’s Role In The Entire Plot & His Involvement In The Destruction Of The Nothing 

Falkor The Neverending Story

Falkor was one of the few creatures to make it through the initial encounters with The Nothing. As a result of humankind’s universe’s disregard and abandoned hopes, the Nothing was created. Falkor made his first mysterious appearance when he soared low over the Swamps of Sadness to save Atreyu before he drowned by giving in to his sadness. Falkor first appeared as an orange-colored cloud formation that seemed to emerge out of nowhere. While doing so, he traveled 9,891 miles to get to his destination (as a dragon fly). The Fantasia world was still being destroyed by The Nothing, and everything appeared hopeless. Bastian Balthazar Bux was unaware of his control over Fantasia at the time because he was engrossed in reading The Neverending Story in the school’s attic. After he saved his life from the Swamps of Sadness, Atreyu and Falkor had grown close. With Falkor, Atreyu realized he might be able to save Fantasia.

After receiving guidance from the Southern Oracle, Atreyu and Falkor set out on a journey together to go beyond the boundaries of Fantasia, flying over mountains, oceans, and deserts. However, they are unable to outrun The Nothing and are confronted with it over the Sea of Possibilities. In the movie, Falkor and Atreyu are tossed around by The Nothing’s immense power, resulting in Atreyu falling off Falkor’s back and plummeting into the ocean, eventually washing up on the beach of a ruined city. In the novel, the cause of their struggle is a battle with the Wind Giants from the north, south, east, and west.

Upon waking up on the beach, Atreyu realizes that he has lost the Auryn necklace and becomes overwhelmed with despair, knowing that without it, his mission to save Fantasia cannot be completed. Falkor, worried for Atreyu, searched the ocean for him, but with no luck. He then decides to find Auryn himself, in hopes that it will guide him to Atreyu’s location. After Atreyu has a meeting with a suffering Rockbiter, who lost his friends due to The Nothing’s destructive forces, Atreyu enters the ruins of a city and finds paintings depicting his journey so far, from the beginning at the Ivory Tower, the death of Artax, meeting Morla the Ancient One, his encounter with Falkor and finally a dark painting of a giant Wolf.

During the course of events, Falkor takes it upon himself to find the Auryn and use it to locate Atreyu. He spots the Gem on the seafloor and dives underwater to retrieve it. He then quickly returns to Atreyu’s location, where Atreyu has just defeated the Servant of The Nothing, the Wolf G’mork. However, The Nothing unleashes its final power to destroy Fantasia. Atreyu clings to a tree for survival as the earth is ripped away by strong winds. Falkor arrives just in time to save Atreyu before the tree gives way. After The Nothing disintegrates, Fantasia is no more and Falkor and Atreyu are the last survivors. They set off in search of the Ivory Tower, which they hope still stands. Falkor’s positive attitude and the guidance of the Auryn lead them to the Tower, which they find still standing. Atreyu fears that Falkor will be the next victim if The Nothing still exists, but Falkor urges him to enter the Tower, telling him to “go on.” Atreyu looks back at Falkor with sadness and enters the tower, leaving Falkor behind for the last time.

After a brief conversation with the Empress about what went wrong with the quest and Atreyu’s success, Bastian starts to believe that he is the chosen one to determine the future of Fantasia. Suddenly, for an unknown reason, possibly another manifestation of The Nothing, shooting stars and meteorites start to demolish the remaining fragments of the Ivory Tower. Falkor’s whereabouts during this destruction are unknown, and it can be assumed that he does not survive. However, as the high winds and chaos return and the Ivory Tower disintegrates, Bastian shouts out the Empress’ new name, “Moonchild,” and the destruction suddenly stops. Bastian and the Empress discuss the future of Fantasia and Bastian is unsure what to do, but after making a few wishes, Fantasia is reborn and all of its inhabitants, including Falkor, Atreyu, Artax, The Rockbiter, Teeny Weeny, the racing snail, The Nighthob and his Stupid Bat, and all the other beings and creatures, are restored to their normal state.

Falkor’s final appearance is when he and Bastian travel back to Bastian’s world to seek revenge on the three bullies who had been causing him trouble earlier. Falkor is excited about this plan. As they chase the three bullies, Falkor bursts out laughing when the boys hide in a dumpster to avoid Falkor’s charge. They then return to Fantasia.

Climax Around The Falkor Was Different From The Actual Novel Story 

Falkor The Neverending Story

The author Michael Ende was dissatisfied with the ending of the movie, in which Falkor and Bastian leave Fantasia, as it contradicts the book’s idea that creatures of Fantasia cannot leave their world. This inconsistency was one of many changes revised to the script that angered Ende. He took legal action to have his name removed from the credits, and also he was unable to change the title of the movie. As a result, many people may not be aware of the novel’s existence, as Ende’s name does not appear as the author in the credits.

Wrapping Up

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is Falkor’s battle against The Nothing. This scene showcases Falkor’s superhuman strength and speed, as well as his bravery in the face of danger. Falkor’s fight against The Nothing also serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light to guide us through.

Falkor’s role in the story is not just limited to being a protector, but also a symbol of good luck and positivity. He reminds the audience that even in difficult situations, there is always a way to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Falkor’s ability to grant wishes also implies that our own imagination and determination can help us achieve our dreams.

In addition to being a beloved character in the film, Falkor has also become a popular cultural icon. His image has been used in various merchandise and his likeness has been used in several theme park attractions. Falkor’s enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless appeal of the classic fantasy genre and the enduring legacy of The NeverEnding Story.

In conclusion, Falkor the luckdragon is an iconic character from the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. He serves as a guide, protector and symbol of hope and positivity, as well as a reminder of the power of imagination and determination. Falkor’s enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless appeal of the classic fantasy genre.