Acromantula: 14 Strangest Facts About Giant Spider In Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Acromantulas are a type of giant spider or walking arachnid with poisonous fangs and an expansion of blades around the neck that exude thick, toxic venom. In fantasy world, The Acromantula was a genus of a large, magical species of spider which inhabits the rainforests of Southeast Asia, most notably Borneo. They dwell in the dense jungles, where they rivaled even the largest snakes in terms of size. In ancient times, they were believed to be wizard-bred creatures that have been traditionally used as guards or treasure guardians, according to recorded history.

1 They Survive On Human Flesh

 Acromantula Harry Potter

It’s not documented exactly when they were first made, but it was believed that the first known Acromantula was created before the Ban on Experimental Breeding in 1965. The first sighting of these giant spiders was in 1794 and they’re known to eat human flesh.

2 Acromantula Can Grow Upto 15 Ft Tall & Lift Human Easily

As for physical appearances, Acromantulas were known for sporting eight black colored eyes, which may be white if they’re blind. Not only could their leg span reach a length of 15 feet, but the legs on their back were too strong for a human to lift. Their main characteristic was their thick, impenetrable black hair. The average spider was about the size of a carthorse, though huge specimens like Aragog could grow up to 15 feet tall in leg span.

3 They Produce Creepy Clicking Noises & Can Prey Their Own Deceased Family

They had a pair of large pedipalps, which they could use to eat live prey or even their own deceased family members. They used their pincers to make clicking noises when they were excited or agitated. This particular sound has been shown to great effect in movies. It is a familiar sound for many people, but one that was deeply disturbing to Ron Weasley – Because of his primus phobia is spiders.

4 Acromantulas Are Able To Speak In Human Languages

They also produced poison when they were angry. Although their appearance alone made them a fascinating creature, they are sentient, stealth insects, and can speak human words.

5 Despite Of Their Poisonous Toxic Fangs, Their Venom Is Used On Antidotes & Vaccines

They were also well-known for their highly dangerous venom, they had extremely toxic fangs, which commands a high price tag at just over 100 Galleons a pint in 1996. Acromantula venom is used to make antidotes and medicines that are very rare and valuable due to its rarity.

6 Females Are Larger Than Male Acromantula & Cay Lay 100 Eggs

 Acromantula Harry Potter

Male and female Acromantula usually vary in size, The females typically were larger than their male counterparts and as they grow, could lay up to 100 eggs that are pulpy and beach ball-sized at a single time. Acromantula’s eggs were classified as Class A non-tradeable goods and usually took six to eight weeks to hatch.

7 They Are Entirely Social With Their Brethren

 Acromantula Harry Potter

You’re probably wondering, how could an acrobat spider live in a large colony surrounded with hundreds of their brethren. Well, forget what you know about them. Acromantulas were far beyond what most spiders were and also different from most non-magical spiders because Acromantulas were actually social animals who lived in large colonies with hundreds of their kinds. These colonies were run mostly by the oldest males and females of this colony, who were highly respected. As the oldest people in their community, the male and female leaders of these colonies wielded a lot of power.

They were highly respected and obeyed without question by everyone else. The Acromantula, Aragog was able to physically block his whole colony from eating Rubeus Hagrid for a brief moment, despite their aptitude revealing them to eat humans. The reason behind this was that he appreciated Hagrid as a soul mate. This demonstration of respect made it easy for Hagrid to escape.

8 These Intelligent, Sentient Creatures Were Known For Their Extreme Nature & Were Capable Of Loving Or Being Loved

Though they can be raised to literally love any sentient creature if they’re properly cared for as a baby. An example of a great friendship was that of Hagrid and Aragog. With the huge spider raised by Hagrid from when Aragog was still in his egg, this is an example of a great-started relationship. A spider’s friends and the colony they live in were generally viewing humans and other sentient beings as natural prey. However, this does not extend to people who have earned the respect of an Acromantula.

This dramatic change in the scene’s demeanor happened after Aragog died. The other spiders worked to immediately kill Hagrid, despite being a longtime companion to their former leader. This demonstration of how quickly the loss of leadership affected them shows that natural social hierarchies among animals can be quickly shifted.

9 An Acromantula Colony Is A Complex And Hierarchical Colony

Here it is described that each individual has a specific role to play. If one of the members of this colony died, their carcass was consumed by the other remaining spiders and in this also included the leaders. There is no information available regarding if a dead Acromantula was grieved by another members of its species. This enables us to conclude that a funeral rite or simply a way to congregate food might be the case, yet it cannot be said for sure.

10 The Basilisk Was The Worst Enemy Of Acromantula

The Basilisk, as the name implies, was a legendary monster that had the power to petrify its victims. It was the inferior adversary of all spiders and feared so much in its times that people refused to speak of it whatsoever. This idea is very similar to how wizards in Harry Potter’s world referred to Lord Voldemort and used what would be the equivalent of a euphemism for him. Basilisk was a huge threat to anyone or any creature that faced them, based on their ability to kill their opponent and the fact that they have multiple eyes and an extreme field of vision. That makes it easy for spiders to target them, making them all the more vulnerable.

11 Dense jungles Are The Perfect Habitat Of Acromantulas

 Acromantula Harry Potter

When it came to where Acromantulas resided, there tended to be a few distinct regions. The Acromantulas (spacious magical species of spider) were typically found in Dense jungles, as well as heavily forested areas. The webs they produced were volumetric and dome-shaped, which helped them to catch prey easily.

12 An Acromantulas Colony Has Been Developed By Aragog In The Wizarding World

 Acromantula Harry Potter

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, An Acromantula colony exists in the Forbidden Forest ; Aragog and Mosag (Aragog’s wife) installed it around the 19th century. Aragog had originally been kept in a cupboard box in the school’s dungeons by Rubeus Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid dismissed the giant spider, Aragog into the Forest during 1943, which just so happened to be the year of the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. When the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament took place in 1995, an Acromantula crawled close to the Triwizard Cup. Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter had to join forces in order to conquer it.

In 1998, the Battle of Hogwarts occurred when Death Eaters overtook the Forbidden Forest and tried to drive out the Acromantula colony. The Forbidden Forest Acromantula colony was coalesced in the Battle of Hogwarts by relocating towards Hogwarts Castle. In 1998, the Death Eaters exiled them outside, and then they had to run for their lives.

When trapping Rubeus Hagrid, the Death Eaters paid attention to his struggles. They waited patiently until he became lost in the swarm, so they could capture him. Finally when Rubeus Hagrid was lost among the swarm, trying to save Aragog’s progeny, he was apprehended by the Death Eaters.

One of the things that makes this species so dangerous is its eight eyes. Giant spider, Acromantula had eight eyes which represent the runic alphabet’s eight number.

13 They Are Actually Known As Wolf Spiders Not Tarantulas

 Acromantula Harry Potter

Acromantulas are spider-like creatures and the name “Acromantula” is derived from the Greek words acros/acro, which means “peak” or “high” and mantula, which is a word that comes from the English word “tarantula.” Acromantulas are massive, spiny arachnids who live in the forests of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Acromantulas are named for their large size and the web they spin. They tend to live on the trees and spin their webs around them.

Tarantulas are large hairy spiders with a distinctive body shape. Despite the name and having proportionality to tarantulas, they are actually known as Wolf Spiders not tarantulas. In all depictions of araneomorphae, they appear to be more like Wolf Spiders in comparison to tarantulas.

14 Aragog Is The Major Acromantula Character In Harry Potter Series

 Acromantula Harry Potter

They are first time seen in The Harry Potter series when Hermione, Harry and Ron come across the hardened figure of Mrs Norris, Mr Filch’s cat in the anteroom at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Basilisk sightings are never good news. They witnessed a group of Acromantula leaving the scene, it is later discovered that The Mantula were timid creatures; they fear the Basilisk, whenever one had seen a Basilisk, it would flee from the scene with no exception to its routine, which occur to be Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets.

Basilisk attacks continue to happen after each Harry Potter book and movie. After several invasions, Harry noticed that the pattern continues to happen. He also observed an Acromantula known as “Aragog” in Tom Riddle’s diary and mistook it for the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. When Hagrid is taken by the Minister of Magic to Azkaban, Harry and Ron can hear him shouting to them while they’re hidden under the cloak. Meanwhile, He is not looking for answers but rather directs everyone who might need help to follow the spiders.

They take Hagrid’s words, venture deep into the forbidden forest. Eventually, they discover a cave that leads to an eight-eyed monster who engages in conversation with them. Harry questions the integrity of Aragog, who lives in the Forbidden Forest. Aragog states that he is indeed Aragog, and he escaped Hogwarts Castle after Tom Riddle found him on Hagrid’s behalf. He eventually answers Harry’s doubts regarding the Charmed of Secrets and explains how it was opened 50 years ago by Tom Riddle himself. He also said that this creature in the chamber is actually a Basilisk, which is afraid by all Acromantulas.

However, Harry and his friends finally decide to leave, but this is not what Aragog wanted. One thousand spiders with their offspring surround them and take an aggressive stance in an attempt to swoop on them. To everyone’s surprise, the Ford Anglia suddenly appeared and rescued them from the spiders.