10 Darkest Facts About Mambabarang: Most Evil Filipino Witches

We enjoy imagining the darker, more grittier aspects of magic. Thanks to movies and video games, we’ve seen a wide variety of spellcasters, prophets, witches, healers and even different types of mages. Now there’s a place on the internet where you can come to learn about the Filipino Mambabarang (wizards) who use magic for everything from keeping their land safe to getting revenge for wrongdoings.

1 Mambabarang Is A Kind Of Witch In Philippine Culture Who Practices Dark Magic

The Mambabarang is a Filipino Witch who is also called Mamalarang to honor the diversity of names in the Philippines. The term sorcerer or witch can refer to someone who has learned a variety of skills and powers in order to use magic. The term “Mambabarang” is derived from the word barang. Other synonymous words include the Hiligaynon term manog hiwit, which was also translated to kulam. Verbing this word means “to place a hex” while cursing is referred to as sumpa in Filipino.

2 Mambabarang Is Similar Version Of A Mangkukulam Who Is Also A Type Of Filipino Witch

Mambabarang Filipino Witch

If a Mambabarang is envious of someone, they can get revenge on them by using insects or spirits to enter the person’s body. The Mambabarang is a type of Filipino witches similar to Mangkukulam who use voodoo dolls to take revenges. According to legends, Mambabarang are ordinary humans with black magic who torture and later kill their victims by infesting them with insects. Mambabarang is known for inflicting pain, illness, or even death on their chosen victims and they are dissimilar from Mangkukulam.

They use a strand of hair from their victim to tie the bugs and worms, which they believe will help them achieve their goal. When they prick an insect, the victim experiences the intended effect immediately. The experience is excruciating, and often includes things like physical illness or death.

3 Beetles Are The Ultimate Weapon Of A Mambabarang

The mambabarang believes that beetles should be given a loving place to live, since they’re such a valuable source of food. She always keeps them in a bottle or a section of bamboo, carefully feeding them ginger to care for them.

4 Mambabarang Can Perform Black Magic To Instruct The Bugs To Find & Destroy The Victim

The practitioner (dark mage) uses the skill of dark art to perform a prayer ritual, she performs a ritual first by praying to identify the victim. Afterwards, she will whisper instructions and tell the beetles where to find their target. The insects typically are then released and they explore the area in search of a victim. Once they locate someone, thereafter they gain entry into the body through any orifice such as nostrils, mouth, eardrums, anus, and open injuries.

When a victim is attacked by insects, The victim will then feel the effects of the aggression by way of symptoms, according to which area was invaded: Some possible cases include hemorrhoids for exposure through the anus and ear ache for exposure through or ears. It’s not a regular illness. The symptoms of the disease will appear more severe and resistant to traditional treatments, leading to the victim’s death. When the time comes, flying insects will emerge from the body cavities when the victim dies. With superstitious folks, even the most widespread diseases and illnesses are still replanted to some kind of “barang.”

5 Their Witchcraft May Give Illnesses Which No Medicines Can Cure

In some provinces in the Philippines, treatment for certain conditions includes herbal physicians or faith healers, who lean on folk medicine like “mananambal” and sorhuana to treat patients. In rural provincial areas, traditional healing practices are widely used to address problems related to health and people completely rely on such a specialist for treatment. Unfortunately Illnesses Caused By Mambabarang Witchcraft Is Resistant To The Available Medical Treatments

6 Beware Of A Mambarang, As She May Have More Evil Powers Than A Usual Witch

Mambabarang Filipino Witches

A mambabarang is clearly powerful. Mambabarang is a lot more powerful than witches. Well, for one thing, fear is a powerful motivator. If a witch doesn’t want to cause harm to you, they won’t even know who you are. The witch can only hurt you if they find out your identity and mean intentions. But, once you’ve noticed a mambabarang in your vicinity, they can hurt you with just the touch of their things.

The Mambabarang is one of the most powerful witches in the Philippines. The variety of magical and supernatural abilities that a Mambabarang can practice is simply astounding. It’s not hard to believe once you know what she can do. She has the power to place objects within his own objects and in other people’s bodies and that is an incredibly powerful ability!

7 With Pamaham, A Mambabarang Release Evil Spirits Into Bugs’ Bodies

In one type of barang, a mambabarang use a Pamaham, which is typically made from bamboo and has a small bottle or joint that contains a spider, a centipede, and a roach. The “insects” that the mambabarang caught were not insects, they were actually malevolent spirits in disguise. Sometimes they’ll take on the appearance of insects, but by swallowing them or crushing them with their saliva, they’re able to enter a person’s body and completely destroy it.

When the Pamaham is about to be used, the insects need to be fed it meaning, Before she uses the Pamaham, it’s important for her to feed the insects first. When it’s ready, it can be used, whether for spiritual purposes or to provide a magical effect. There’s a lot of diversity with how it can be used.

8 She Also Can Kill Her Victim With A Doll & Pamaham Without Encountering The Victim’s Body Directly

Mambabarang Filipino Witches

One another method used to defeat an enemy is to use a doll and she had placed something personal things of her enemy in it and has recited chanting commences all around it is meant to harm the spirit of their enemy. She will then locate the doll inside the Pamaham and command the insects to eat away at the doll. But now the doll is not just a doll anymore; it’s an enemy of Mambabarang herself in disguise.

The insects crawl deep inside the doll’s head and body, inflicting much more damage than their usual attack. The insects will not only go deep within the doll thus will they carry even deeper inside the victim’s body. The victim will then be completely shocked. Victims will have burning, red spots on their skin. The victim will then experience a sudden spurt of boils all over their body, that can get really big, really fast and when they burst, bugs will escape. Unless treated by a powerful Mangagamot or another Mambabarang, the enemy’s entire skin will be an infestation.

In order to catch the victim this is another method. The method is to take one insect, make a loop with its leg, and tie it to a white thread. The mambabarang will thereafter release it. It’ll then go to the victim’s home, where it’ll find them sleeping and get close enough to eat them alive. If an insect comes back with the red thread, it means it has successfully executed its mission. However, if they come back with a black thread, it means that mission failed!

9 Mambabarangs Are Evil More Often Than Not, & Goodly Mambabarangs Exists But Unheard Of

It’s not surprising that you may come to the conclusion that barang is bad or baneful after reading those that are written aloft. The Philippines fought against the Spaniards for years, and now they want to bring in practices that were used against them. Unfortunately, most of the practices are considered bad and are mainly used in defeating the defense. You can see, before it was used averse to the Spaniards, The Oppressors. Sadly, however, people have begun abusing their power. Even though they are supposed to be using it to help others and get justice for grievances, Not only do they use it contrary to their brothers and some are asking for money when one wants retaliation. It means some people have taken it even further and ask to be paid when they’re on a vengeful mission such as killing anyone. This is of course very nasty and unpleasant.

10 They Can Generate Thunder, Rain & Alter Other Natural Phenomena

Mambabarang Filipino Witches

That’s right, there are different types of barangs, and they each offer their own type of magic also including good types. A mambabarang can heal the sick or banish demons, It’s because they carry a tremendous amount of power and they have natural healing powers. Although these common signs of magical activity remain mysterious to most (along with the causes), they do at least mean one thing: They can cause thunder to come, rain to fall and other more unfortunate effects and they also can cause fields to ripen.