Wraith: Scottish Ghosts In Phasmophobia, Mythology & Folklore | 11 Creepiest Facts

A wraith is a kind of undead creature, the origin of the word “wraith” comes from Scottish folklore, where it refers to a ghost that is always seen near death, and can recognize the spirits of those who are about to die and seize the soul. Ghosts or soul-like entities often take on the appearance of what their owners looked like when they were alive.

Wraiths have traditionally been said to be the spirit of a dead person trying to survive any way they can. In some ways, wraiths are an embodiment of people who died in recent years or who have recently died. Wraiths are the most notorious ghosts of Phasmophobia.

In modern times, the concept of a wraith refers more to an evil spirit. It’s more often applied to a spirit who hasn’t finished its trading in the mortal realm. This creature is similar to a ghost in that it can either move freely or be bound to a specific place. However, its only known purpose is to snatching human spirits.

These figures are typically described as skeletal figures, dressed in tattered rags. The images of these beings are most commonly connected with haunted locales and cemeteries. In short, this folklore figure is a common sight at many of the spookiest locations around the world. The modern cognition of a wraith, they actively seek out both their victims and harm to those that they encounter, with no distinction made between good and bad. If you think you are dealing with a Wraith and want to learn more about them, then let’s get in to the explanation and most horrifying facts about Wraiths.

1 These Scottish Ghosts Are Never Good For Humankind

Not a lot is known about wraiths other than their power and despair, it means the only known facts about wraiths are their strength and weaknesses. These types of Scottish ghost (Wraiths – Undead creatures) are associated with black magic and sorcery because they have a history of it. Sometimes, if a ghost is angry about anything or is particularly not pleased with the living world, it would need to be put down as it can be a very dangerous creature and these are one of them.

2 Wraith Was Born From Bad Black Magic Spells

Wraith are evil spirits or creatures, It is believed that the creation of a wraith is the result of a bad spell, such as improper casting or overheating the sorcery. As a result of magical beings, this is often how time-stopping spells go wrong. A witch or wizard might try to extend their lifespan with either magic or manipulate time in some other way – unsuccessfully. The result for these unfortunate individuals is a tragedy. With the power to control time and put an end to any conflict, they don’t have any downside, their lifespan is extremely unlimited.

3 Some Wraiths Are Blessed To Become Immortal With Extreme Powers

Thankfully, in some cases Wraiths get their wishes: immortality and ultimate power. But they pay an extremely high cost in return for those powers. Their souls are snatched and they live an eternal life as an immortal being. Captured spirits are condemned to not ever reach their spirit realm again. This is disastrous, the way that people view the spirit realm is frequently different from those who are in it. Most cultures believe it to be similar to heaven, and potentially an afterlife for some. Wraiths are denied the prerogative of permanently joining their realms, and are instead coerced to wander among dimensions for all perpetuity. In the other words, Wraiths can never be returned to Heaven.

4 Mostly Wraiths Are Deadliest In Nature & One Need To Avoid Its Encounter

Wraiths are soulless and dark creatures with only savage emotions such as hatred and despair; it means they can feel only these emotions. They never feel any of the more positive emotions such as love, happiness, and generosity. Some people classify them as a type of ghost, but others might consider them to be something else – a type of demon. As is the case with all other types of creatures, wraiths can be considered good or evil. Not all wraiths are good. Though there are some that can be referred to as ‘good’ (for example, a particular type of wraith called, Voror), the majority of wraiths are inherently evil because they will attack without any provocation, so keep that in mind when making decisions about wraiths.

5 Wraiths Are Great Soul Snatchers

There have been various kinds of wraiths described throughout history. The most common conception is that they are evil creatures that search to steal the spirits of others by using various methods. The intent of this word always centers around evil and negative intentions.

When people come in contact with the wraith, they are able to take away their life and steal their spirit only through a solo touch. When a wraith takes the soul of a person, the victim’s immortal soul is cursed to wander eternally with the wraith. The only way to end the curse and recover their immortal souls is to kill the wraith completely.

6 Actual Sightings Of Wraiths Are Still Not Documented Properly

There are rumors of a group of beings called wraiths, but no one has ever seen them. Wraiths can be seen by some in the shadows, It is unclear whether or not the majority of wraiths have ever been seen in person, there are a few general details about their plausibility that are known. In most cases, they’re unseen, as there aren’t any real details about what they look like.

7 From Different Stories & Sources, Wraiths Are Predicted In Different Shapes

Some legends from antiquity mention wraiths as being dark entities. They have a cloak that’s black and shrouds their bodies in darkness and they seem to be connected to some rather spooky stories. Their arms and legs are long and enormously thin, like they’re limbs of a corpse. In addition to the face they can take on, there are two more variations of the wraith. The first is a skeletal appearance, which we talked about earlier. There’s also the endless black hole version.

People throughout history have tried to describe what a wraith looks like because many tales believe that they do not have a particular shape it means appearance and are simply evil entities that inhabit any space of the world they can find with malicious intentions.

8 Wraith Can Be Overpowered Only From Most Powerful Weapons From Other Dimensions

Most might think that wraiths are an easy opponent, but they think wrong. Wraiths are incredibly powerful and fearsome creatures, so they can be intense enemies. Being ghost-like and able to exist anywhere, it is difficult to defeat a wraith. The only way to take them down, you’ll need an exceptional holy presence or a very powerful weapon. Don’t be fooled by their evil appearance. For lack of a better term, the dark side cannot tolerate holiness. They aren’t able to resist the holiness of anything that rises against them due to being pure evil, and they’ll either be coerced to flee or destroyed through the conflicting force.

Generally it is realized that due to its powerful nature and potential danger, a wraith’s life seldom be taken. It is important that if someone is attacked on a wraith, they must kill the creature. If their target escapes, it may become enraged and then release its fury upon the world and wreak havoc. Wraiths can emit energy in the way of waves that steals the desire to live from whole villages. If a wraith is angry, it could take everything from someone, including their life force and ability to fight back.

The ultimate goal of the creature is unclear. The wraith was a personification of the depression brought upon their lives at that time. When the villages are unable to stay strong in the face of their continued struggle, After this, it’ll take their souls, which means their desire to live has been taken from them and carry on its purposeless iteration, so eventually we can say these creatures are so powerful.

9 From Demons To Shapeless Shadows, There Are Variants Of Wraiths Specified In Stories & History

When you think about wraiths, you might imagine them as an amorphous shape stalking your every move. There are many types of wraiths that lore tells us about, which are all terrifying in their own way.

The most known and common type of wraith is the one that has been described above. It is exemplified by extreme rage and passionate actions, which are two things that motivate its existence and actions. These wraiths can be generally classified as the most shadowy, most dangerous type of ghost that most cultures fear. They’re violent in nature and have a strong rage that drives them to do things they would not otherwise do.

This first type of wraith is known for having an intense hatred for life. Some variations are very intelligent or have knowledge and can hold a grievance during their afterlife (Undead) state. These wraiths will use all their abilities to ensure they target and capture someone they feel has wronged them. Once they’ve done this, they can force them to deviate outside of the spirit realm for perpetuity.

There are some people who think that wraiths are just from the fairy tales and that there really aren’t such things. However, you can easily find evidence for the existence of paranormal activity by looking into the history and belief in “wraiths.” Another kind of wraith is a parasitic type, and is described as anything from being a ghost-demon to an undead spirit. They are often called demons, these creatures are known to inhabit almost any kind of empty living space, seeking out living beings until they find one (Human) to meld with. However, they are more subtle than most creatures, who usually make their presence known to the prey. Without any way to detect the warning signals, it is unlikely that the afflicted person will ever know they have been subservient through this type of demon.

Apparently, wraiths that appear like this one are not believed to have any of their own magical strengths, just like all other ghosts. They have more power than a human, but not enough to go against the desire of a human, making it unlikely anyone will ever be able to discover their powers. Wraith possession is the most common demon encounter in which humans gain demonic powers, while these situations are rare, that does happen.

However, this type wraith’s most notable characteristic is that it has the capability to procreate (reproduce). When an existing human with this wraith type sexual intercourse with other human, then the part of the wraith that is bonded to it will be able to enter their unborn offspring’s body and offspring become possessed. In order for a person to become a vampire, the spirit of the offspring meld with this type of demon. The resulting creature is known as “a Blood Child.”

One of the more notable variations of a wraith is called a “Voror” and this type is third. This variation seems to be considered one of the “wardens” or “watchers”, as it is sometimes known. A wraith is a type of ghost that is seen as a dark, crawling silhouette of a human being. It has been said that this type of ghost stays with the victim’s spirits from their time of birth until they die. This type of wraith is the only wraith that doesn’t usually cause harm and it’s still considered good for all the time.

10 Some Folklore & Myths Tells Us About Parasitic Wraiths Without Their Fierce Character

There is a misconception that wraiths are parasitic, but this is not always the case. However, according to lore, some wraiths are parasitic, but they never harm the host; it means they are not fierce. They simply seek out a person to connect with, especially those with a lot of energy. A human, preferably who is pleasant and fun to stay around. They feed off of the energy that person offers, and it becomes the energy they need. Wraiths are malevolent spirits that feed off the energy from humans and mutate them into something else. They only use their amphitryon to survive, but when their victim dies, they move on and float together in a cloud of black smoke.

Most wraiths, whether docile or otherwise, seem to be disruptive and dangerous, a fact which becomes apparent when compared to the majority of ghost sightings. There are some wraiths who appear to be docile, but a majority seem to be much more hostile and dangerous. Wraiths have a lot of bad experiences, they lose their souls for a multitude of reasons. A lot of wraiths are angered about what’s happened to them and the events that often led up to this terrible event. These wraiths have an intelligence that is almost impossible to rival. Sometimes they show their annoyance by hunting down the people responsible for their feelings. In these cases, this is done until the spirit of the unlucky victim is located and extracted from their body. Then, they would be forced to journey with the wraith for eternity.

We know that in some cases the undead are as evil and malevolent as the living. Wraiths are creatures filled with malevolence and intent to cause harm. They often have feelings of despair, anger, or hatred that fuel their malevolent behavior and cause their death.

They are not bloodthirsty but extremely evil that make it their life’s quest to hunt for unfortunate souls. They dispossess hope and the desire to live, as well as all other emotions, leaving people feeling empty inside. They wander for eternity telling tragic stories about misfortune and the people who crossed them trying to get away.

11 From Marvel To Star Trek, Wraiths Take Over Pop Culture

There are many different interpretations to how these creatures may be presented in pop culture, but each and every one has a basis rooted to realize truth. Regardless of all the difficulties, we still can’t help but see wraiths. It’s not in real-life, but in countless modern references to the antagonist that pop up throughout pop culture every day.

Video games aren’t just about fun, they’re a way of life. You can also find these undead stars in video games such as Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends and Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight in which they both play an important role.

Marvel Comics is often best-known for its superheroes, but they’ve also represented a fictional character known as “Wraith” and even role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons have them in it.

While Wraiths also appear in Star Trek: Enterprise’s “Rogue Planet” episode, as well as in Stargate Atlantis, where they were described as a form of an alien race, they give life to certain species.