Yowie Monster: Facts, Sightings & Folklore (Real Or Hoax?)

Almost everywhere, legends of an ape-like humanoid creature persist. Around the North Americans may know one as a bigfoot, in the Himalayas people know it as the yeti and in Australia it might be known as a Yowie. The Yowie Monster is described as being huge, anywhere from seven to twelve feet tall with huge hands, feet and eyes. In addition it has flat noses, thick eyebrows and sunken eyes that leave a rancid smell.

1 John Pinkerton’s Book Titled As Modern Geography Will Make You Want To Believe In Yowie Mythical Creature

Yowie Monster

1804 is the year in which John Pinkerton’s book “Modern Geography – a Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States and Colonies: With the Oceans, Seas and Isles: In all Parts of the World” was published. There is a comment in the book which mentions the Aboriginal people who shared the city of Sydney Harbor with a tribe of early inhabitants. They were characterized as having flat noses and broad nostrils, with wide, creased, dark eyebrows and drowned eyes. One of the things they had famous was their prodigious mouths. They also had prominent jaws and thick lips.

Those with a keen sense of curiosity will delight in the wild and fanciful tales that were told to the Aborigines about these creatures. The Aborigines believed the Yowies to be a different kind of being from themselves. The word “Yowies or Yahoo” means that the people have their bodies covered with hair in the simple way “hairy people”.

2 Cryptozoologists Still Have Lack Of Strong Theory Of Their Existence & Origination

The Yowie monster has been a topic of discussion for decades. There are many stories concerning the Yowie’s size and appearance. Its description is typically 5 to 9 feet tall and has a mouth that emits an audible, growling sound. It is also noted that it has two large, fang-like canines which distinguish it from other Bigfoot species. It ordinarily comes with reddish and brown fur.

Like other Bigfoot species, it is believed the Yowie is speculated to be related to an ancient ape known as Gigantopithecus Blacki, an ancient ape that once roamed the Earth. There has been no fossil evidence of any ape that resembles the Bigfoot-Giganto. There doesn’t seem to be any comparable Asian ape in Australia, and there isn’t one in Asia.

The species from each continent never made the trip because the sea depth was too far off. Australian animals never made it to Asia and Asian animals never made it to Australia due to vice-versa and sea depth. The split of the creature is marked by the Wallace Line. Another theory suggests that creatures may have been Homo erectus, which has been present in Australia since prehistoric times. In contrast, some have speculated that Homo erectus may not have evolved from a much more advanced and primitive tribe.

Australia is home to over 140 species of mammals, with both Rodentia (rodents) and Chiroptera (bats) making up the majority of them. There are many scientific, and some cultural, theories as to what it is that the yowie could be. Some cryptozoologists think the Yowie could be some form of bipedal marsupial, like a descendant of the New Guinean Hulitherium, due to the lack of primates native to Australia in the fossil accounts.

The Yowie has been heavily researched for years but no one really knows much about him. Even his footprint size and number of toes can vary. This elusive creature has been the subject of controversy, with many people theorizing that he’s nothing more than just a myth.

3 Kuku Yalanji Tribe Beleives In Their Existence & Their Culture Is Filled With Yowie Folklores Along With Sightings

yowie monster

The Kuku Yalanji Tribe is a native people from Tropical North Queensland in Australia. The tribe believes in the existence of this creature. They also believed that for centuries they have coexisted with this hairy, ape-like creature Yowie, and their legends are full of tales from how they have attacked members of the tribe.

4 Many Oregon City Sightings Have Claimed Sasquatch Like Monster Or A Creature With Yowie Like Appearance

The Yowie is a mythical creature that originated in Aboriginal folklore. It is typically theorized to be what would have been a human-sized gorilla with an ape-like face, taller than the average bear. In some parts of Oregon, people are claiming to have witnessed sightings of a mythical creature similar to Yowie. The Yowie is said to be the equivalent of what Northwest America’s Native American tribes call Sasquatch.

5 It Is Believed That Another Species Of Yowie Creature (Smaller One) Also Existed Throughout Australia

It is widely accepted that two distinct types of yowie exist in Australia. Historical accounts indicate that the most well-known and prominent Yowie species in Australia is Gigantopithecus. This is only the largest species of Yowie and It was said to grow between 6 and 10 feet tall, weight measure up to 1000 pounds. In the real world, they’re described as a cryptic, spiny-legged ape-like creature and said to resemble a huge hair covered man with talons for fingers.

The Yowie is considered to have a more primate profile compared to North American Sasquatch, it is thought to have an overall more primate-like appearance, with a different and unusual head type. It is believed that it walked upright and straight as well. One famous thing that’s been described about the Yowie is its temperament. Yowie has a reputation for being more aggressive and dangerous towards humans, as they have taken on many hostile forms throughout history. Reports say that the another species of Yowie is between 4-5 feet in height, although reports describe it as being smaller.

There are a lot of people who question whether the accounts are fictional or distrustful, but some believe that it is an ancient species of hominid that has staved off extinction. Cave paintings of these hominids have also been found in Australia. These hominids were depicted as taller and hairier than Aboriginal humans, although they are also smaller in the regional cave paintings that feature them.

Unbelievable but true, A man in Canberra, Australian, reportedly saw a “juvenile Yowie” while locking up his garage (in 2010) after work one day. It was hairy with long arms, and it definitely wanted to speak to him. Probably he didn’t confuse its physical appearance with that of his teenage son.

6 All Famous Sightings Of Yowie Between In The Year Of 1800 to 1980/h2>

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There are many stories about European contact with the Yowie but despite the lack of concrete evidence, European contact with Yowie is said to have begun when the First raft came to Sydney Cove in 1788 it means the first sighting of the Yowie by European settlers happened. At the beginning of European colonization, The British settlers were warned of a particular type of ape-like creature that was caused by Aborigines. The Aborigines often warned British settlers about the creature hiding in the mountains of their continent and forests, which at times prompted settlers to flee.

In 1820, a letter was sent to London from an account describing an event that happened in 1789. The letter’s author described how convicts and a party of the marines had been overpowered during the hunting trip. When the men walked to the settlement and found that they had killed several wallabies, they decided to walk back home. Along the way, from a nearby hilltop, they saw something that looked like an animal observing them in the distance between the trees and which they later stated was twice the height of a general man.

In 1849, the first reported Southern sighting in Australia was on a landmass called Phillip Island. A creature, believed to be between 6-7 feet tall, was observed by many people during this encounter. Sometimes it is reported to look like a cross between a human and a baboon. When it came time to kill the creature, they shot it while it was sitting on the edge of a lake.

Another one of the most bizarre and more controversial sightings includes a photograph taken in 1936. Historians have unearthed a photograph dating back to 1936. The view is of a mystery animal, and some people are still questioning whether or not it exists today.

Rich Jones took a series of impressive images while working at an isolated logger’s campsite in Batlow, located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, 450 kilometers (279.6 miles) south-west of Sydney. Despite the location, this is one in a series of photographs that was captured by Rich Jones while he was living and working at a separate sawyers camp in Batlow, located in New South Wales, Snowy or icy Mountains, 279.6 miles south-west of Sydney. The image quickly went viral, and people began speculating about its meaning. The image not only shows a large creature sitting with his hands in his lap, but it also showcases two men on a log next to it. A closer look at the photo showed that the head of the person was not looking straight ahead as they were found, but instead they showed the head area resting near its chest resembling downwards. This is because of “tree line matrixing.”

Yet another well-known incident happened in December 1979 when Leo and Patricia George, a local couple, were on a hiking trip when they discovered the corpse of a mutilated kangaroo in the forest. The witnesses later stated that the perpetrator was only forty feet away and described a creature with large eyes that was at least ten feet tall and also had dark brown hair, dark claws. The creature then looked back at the witnesses before disappearing into the brush.

7 Although Many Accounts Of Yowie Monster Are Fictional Or Framed That Makes Yowie Prevalent

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Australian history has many instances of skepticism regarding the existence of animals. Some of these are even more fantastical than the Yowie. Although skepticism about the Yowie is prevalent and understandable, there are many stories of Australian history that are considered to be completely fictional. But some scientists were perplexed when, upon discovering that the European settlers in Australia had sent them a specimen of the Platypus. The egg-laying, otter-footed mammal, duck-billed or beaver-tailed and many others caught their attention. Scientists concluded it to be some type of fake. After more specimens were discovered, scientific experts came to realize that it was real.

8 Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy Have Investigated 3000+ Yowie Sighting Cases To Conclude Whether It’s Hoax Or Reality

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Even though the Yowie has a disputed history, Sightings of the Yowie are believed to take many forms, with people reporting today’s sightings of it in Queensland’s Gold Coast and New South Wales. The Blue Mountain area (Outside Sydney) is a hotspot for Yowie sightings.

One only expert on yowie sightings, Rex Gilroy, has spent several years investigating 3,000 cases to find evidence of a Yowie sighting. Ideally, Rex Gilroy claims that this mythical creature, Yowie, is connected to the North American Bigfoot in their opinion. There have been a lot of sightings of Bigfoot in North America. According to one website, North America has seen over 3,313 confirmed sightings of Bigfoot in 92 years. In the 1970s, Gilroy investigated different publications such as magazines or newspapers on Yowie’s topic and brought it to the public. Even though there have been numerous visions and eye-witness accounts, Some researchers have concluded that evidence for the Yowie is so rare that it’s probably just a hoax. However this does not mean that there aren’t any Yowie sightings.

9 A Book Chronicles AboutThe Yowie Saga Written By Paul Cropper and Tony Healy, Adds A New Dimensions To All The Geeks Who Love Cryptozoology

In 2006, a book was published that was written by Paul Cropper and Tony Healy that had all the relevant information on Yowie sightings and Australia’s Bigfoot. The book, entitled “The Yowie In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot”. Healy and Cropper agree that there is very little information and evidence about the existence of the Yowie. Almost nothing is evidence about the Yowie existence because this is often illusive. No bones are found, their tracks are rare, very little photos or film exist, and just like the North American Bigfoot phenomenon (Sasquatch), sightings of them have been hard to confirm or disprove.

10 Modern Day Yowie Sightings Should Motivate The Scientists To Investigate The Unexplained

Sightings of Yowie’s continue to be reported. The number of Yowie sightings has been increasing over the last decades. Here are three recent sightings of these cryptids, which is often attributed to large mythical creatures with strange appearance. The Yowie was apparently marked in 2016 through a man bushwalker near Toowoomba, Queensland’s Darling Downs mountains who measured 7 feet tall. The young woman who saw the Yowie has told of it sitting down and ignoring her.

At this time, the Ipswich Yowie is a still undetermined species of cryptid that has been seen across Australia and more recently, in a YouTube video created by an Australian man who had only purpose to take footage of large flocks of cockatoos in 2017. Ultimately, reports of “Yowie” sightings were being made in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. In a sighting not too far from Roma, measuring an approximately 5 foot tall “reddish brown haired creature” was viewed close to a deceased kangaroo on the Carnarvon Highway.

The most recent sightings of the Yowie were confirmed in early 2021, and three sightings of the creature were reported in 2021. At least six sightings of this creature are reported in 2020, but almost all have been recorded in the state of Queensland.

11 Some Of The Many Versions Of Bigfoot/Yowies

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Stories about large, hairy hominids are found in the myths and folklore of cultures around the whole world. Sometimes It is also compared to “Banksia Flower” that looks hairy such as Yowai. They’re universal, Barred by limitation and resonate with audiences from different eras. At different points in history, hairy ape-like men have been named the “Kapre” in the Philippines, Yeti in the Himalayas, the “Chi-Chi” in China, the “Almas” in Mongolia and “Forestmen” in Vietnam. These creatures have even inspired stories of their existences on a remote island. The area where reliable reports of encounters with Legendary Bigfoot-like creatures exists is just one of the “lower ranked” places is Australia.

In the year of 1928, a well-known sighting of Yowie was made in the vicinity of Woodenbong. It was ‘Really big feet’ and was recorded at Palen Creek, which is approximately 30 kilometers across the Queensland border in the Border Ranges region.