17 Wizarding Facts About Thestrals (Winged Horse) Of Harry Potter

In most renowned movies of Harry potter series, The Thestrals were mythical horses with wings that had a face with reptilian characteristics and wings that look like of bats. Thestral winged horses were commonly found in Ireland and British Isles. They were also seen on the outskirts of France and in portions of the Iberian Peninsula. Thestrals were extremely scarce in the wizard world, and they were thought to be hazardous through the British Ministry of Magic.

Thestrals are thought to be omens of misfortune and aggression because they could only be seen by those who had experienced death once in their life. They also happen to be one of the possible tangible figures of the Patronus Charm (a defensive spell).

1 They Are Creepy Creatures With Large Bony Physical Characteristics

Thestral Harry Potter Winged Horse

Thestrals are said to have a frightening presence and the wizards who possessed the ability to see them, that also described their eerie and creepy nature. One of the reasons that Thestrals were thought to be evil was because they had large bony figures and their dragon-like faces which had white glowing eyes that shortage both manifestation and disciples. They also attract the scent of blood which hurts their prominence.

2 Thestrals Bear Some Resemblance To Abraxan Winged Horses

Thestrals are a form of winged horses, but they mostly share the same traits as regular horses, excluding their wings that germinate from their backward. Distinct from the Abraxan, which are a breed of winged horses with a superficial resemblance to Thestral’s wings, they don’t have any feathers like they do. Instead, Thestrals have vast, black and leathery wings that resemble those of bats.

3 From Bones To Fully Blacked Out Skin, Thestrals Have Creepy Body Organs

Their bodies don’t had any flesh on them which also makes them different from other horses and which were covered with a lustrous, shiny coat that’s translucent. This skin was dark and smooth, making it slippery. Thestral’s bones were clearly under their skin because it was so thin. This horse had some creepy features: hair flowing down its back, a large tail, or a bunch at the end such as Zebras as well as also the horses had sharp teeth used to attack their prey and slash them.

4 They Are Creepy Yet Social Animals Who Transport Their Riders Efficiently

Thestral Harry Potter

Thestrals were social animals and were known to live in herds, which were according to Professor Rubeus Hagrid, who referred them as “dead clever” creatures.

Thestrals were intelligent enough or able to transport their rider to a specific location and they could understand what the rider was asking.

5 They Sounds Like Monster Birds & Live In Jungles & Dark Woods

The magical creatures lived in the woods and also dark environments, which is where they made their natural home. In order to speak with each other, They produce a shrill scream that sounds similar to that of a monster bird.

6 They Are Loyal Too & They Only Show Aggression While Provoked

These winged horses could see friend or foe, and were always loyal. They help humans with transportation in their time of need. Thestrals are aggressive, meaning they’ll attack anyone they consider a threat. This can be both Thestrals who live in the wild and those who have been domesticated by their owners.

7 Thestral Winged Horses Can Work With Buckbeak & Hippogriff

Contrary to their creepy features, Thestrals were not evil and never caused any harm to humans. Their appearance is simply startling for those who haven’t encountered them before. In the war of Hogwarts, Hogwarts’ trained flock of enhanced Thestrals, were able to team up with Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, in order to attack Voldemort’s Giants. It is unclear if wild herds could also work together with other species.

8 They Are Well Skilled In Hunting & Often Prey On Other Birds

Thestral Harry Potter

Thestrals were predators, attracted to the smell of blood and often attack birds, said Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank. Thestrals hunted for both food on the ground and to chase flying prey. You can see this because they were hunting not only at night, but during daytime.

Thestrals that lived within the Hogwarts’ grounds were well trained and fed. They rarely attacked students or other creatures unless they were highly provoked.

9 Thestral Hairs Are Used By Wizards For Their Supernatural Witchcraft Capabilities

Thestral Harry Potter

Any witch or wizard with the ability to defy death can master the hair of Thestral in witchcraft. It’s a powerful and tricky material that has supernatural powers. It should be noted that people can use this substance to create a customized wand. Centuries ago, the core of the most powerful wizard’s wand was made (The Elder Wand) from this material and we now know it is one of the most powerful items in existence as per the fantasy story.

10 Thestral Horses May Invisible For Some While Visible To Others

In addition to their other abilities, These beasts were so well-known for their invisibility that only people who had seen death and survived would be able to see them. There are two prerequisites to understanding death fully: first, witnessing someone die and accepting it, and second, understanding that death is universal.

With a sense of smell like no other, Thestrals can easily acknowledge the scent of blood or fresh flesh – even when the source was some distance away.

11 Thestral Can Understand The Language Of Their Rider & Capable To Find The Route Of The Destination

Thestral creatures have an uncanny sense of direction and can find the destination their rider desires, even if they are not familiar with the location themselves. They can find things even when they are not familiar with them. If a rider needs to go to a specific place, they only need to tell the creature and it will take them there. In this way, they were almost as efficient as owls do alongside letters.

12 These Beasts Are Fast Fliers & Hardly Beating Their Large Wings Frequently

Thestral Harry Potter

These gentle creatures were fast and capable flyers and could travel long distances by flapping their large wings very little without a problem. Consider the example of Thestrals, magical beasts that fly faster than any other creature could. In 1996, six creatures managed to fly from Hogwarts (ridden by Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom) to the Ministry of Magic in a short amount of time.

The only trouble they experienced was that they risked falling off their mounts because at that speed their insubstantial physique made it hard to see where they were going. Harry’s broomstick, the Firebolt, was the fastest out of all the brooms, and Harry has never felt as fast as riding it. The creature’s powerful wings were capable of carrying a load at least as heavy as their own weight, which is to say more than two humans.

13 It Is Illegal To Train Thestral Horses

Thestral Harry Potter

Thestrals could be used as alternative to other methods of transportation and also such as brooms, Apparition, etc. After being trained, they were very diligent and would quickly take the rider to their destination. Nonetheless, travel with Thestrals was usually illegal because it violated the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

Although Thestrals have many abilities, they were rarely used as a mode of transportation because it was difficult to get around their reputation as a means of evil omen and their appearance. Even so, they are not all bad to look at and many found them extremely hideous.

14 Despite Its Flying Skills, Thestral May Be Dangerous During Long Traveling Routes

Thestral Harry Potter

When riding a Thestral, the wizard usually grabbed their mane to help keep themselves balanced while they mounted the creature. To make mounting easier, wizards would place one foot in between the wing joints of the Thestral so they could provide stability and safety. Riding a Thestral during long journeys is uncomfortable and dangerous, in particular to those who cannot see what they are riding.

Despite the considerable speed, a high-speed flight or invisible horse may be terrifying. The rider will be deaf and they will have to close their eyes due to the wind. The riders often found it difficult to keep balance due to their slick or sleepary backs. When humans caressed them, The Hogwarts herd was generally docile, they tended to be accepting of gestures from humans, and avoided attacking owls. It’s been classified as dangerous by the Ministry of Magic, but It is possible that these Thestrals are well-trained, or they may only be intimidating to people who aren’t used to them.

15 Tenebrae Was Most Favorite Thestral of Hagrid

Thestral Harry Potter

Thestrals can be seen in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they had A set of loyal Thestrals that used to pull carriages for elder students’ transportation from Hogsmeade station to Hogwarts gates. It looked as though the carriages were self-operating to those who couldn’t see Thestrals. The group at Hogwarts had five females and only one male. A few were born after the start of the herd, including one favorite of Hagrid’s called Tenebrae.

Harry and his group of students used Thestrals to fly from Hogwarts to the Ministry in order to save Sirius Black. Albus Dumbledore also used thestrals when he needed to travel but without Apparating.

Rubeus Hagrid, a Thestral breeder and trainer, believes this to be the only trained large group of Thestrals in all of Great Britain. Professor Silvanus Kettleburn taught his N.E.W.T students about thestrals in a Care of Magical Creatures class including members of the herd, during the 1989-90 school year. Thereafter, Minerva McGonagall, the new headmistress of these students, found out that students could still see Thestrals many years after the Second Wizarding War. The monument was a constant remembrancer of all the sufferings and renunciation made to obtain peace.

16 Dumbledore Represented A Thestral At Magical Creatures Reserve

Thestral Harry Potter

Dumbledore wanted to clear up some misconceptions about Thestrals, During his 1986-1987 school year, so he asked Hagrid to organize a presentation for the International Confederation of Wizards in order to clarify any misconceptions people had around them. In particular, he wanted to address that an individual Thestral won’t be afraid of people with little exposure to strangers.

Hagrid needed help preparing a Thestral at the Magical Creatures Reserve before the presentation. That’s why he asked Merula Snyde and Jacob’s siblings to help.

Hagrid considered this presentation a success, but it seems prejudice seemed to exist against the creatures after that event, it’s unclear how reliable his evaluation was.

17 Harry Potter Witnessed Thestrals At 1995

Thestral Harry Potter

Harry Potter saw the Thestrals in September 1995 at Hogwarts. This was after it had witnessed Cedric Diggory’s murder June of that same year. But Harry couldn’t see them in June then because he hadn’t dealt with what happened.

Initially, the main character (Harry Potter) wondered why needlessly cruel creatures were used to pull horseless carriages when they could have been self-propelling it means the carriages could move on their own. Harry pointed out the Thestrals to Ron, only to find that he could not see them. Luna Lovegood assured him that he was sensible and she had always been able to see horses. Luna’s response did not completely reassure Harry.

Hedwig was found injured, and with her confirmation that Thestrals sometimes go after birds, Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank noticed that they had been first identified. Hagrid, who is a professor of Care of Magical Creatures, teaches students how Thestrals can be used as mounts and displays their navigation skills.

Harry Potter and others such as Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley went to London on the backs of Thestrals In June of 1996, in order to rescue Sirius Black in the Ministry of Magic, who Harry believed was in danger.

‘The Order of the Phoenix’ allowed Thestrals to be used in ‘The Battle of the Seven Potters’ in 1997. Six members of the Order of the Phoenix disguised themselves as Harry by taking Polyjuice Potion, the “seven Potters” and their defenders ran from 4 Privet Drive to secure houses. Flying with a thestral is an efficient way to get around as they are exceedingly fast and clever. Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hermione Granger, Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley all traveled on thestrals.

The Thestrals were led by the Hippogriff Buckbeak during the Battle of Hogwarts. They attacked Lord Voldemort’s Giant soldiers from the air during the second stage. After the Second Wizarding War many people had access to Thestrals, making it a more common sight. After the eventful wars, more people gained the ability to see these fantastic creatures even if they don’t know what they are.

Public opinion on Thestrals has been changing for the better as a result of activists creating outreach programs to correct myths about them. Thestrals are now not seen as unlucky creatures, but rather as complex and interesting creatures that deserve respect.

After nineteen years later, James Potter II tells his younger brother Albus, who is about to go to Hogwarts, that there are Thestrals. He warns him before his first trip. But Harry Potter interrupted him and explained that they were not dangerous unless given reason to be.

When the 2010s Calamity affected the wizarding world, Thestrals were amongst the various magical creatures turned into Foundables during the Calamity. Shackle Confoundables had to be unlocked using the Unlocking Charm. Careful Secrecy Task Force members managed the foundables and returned them to their appropriate place.