15 Scariest Tribes You Won’t Believe Still Exist

Even though some people live a secluded life, with traditions that haven’t changed for centuries, the outside world is still interested in them. Outsiders have sometimes been given access to these tribes, but this has often been disastrous.

Some tribes in the world still practice traditions that haven’t changed for thousands of years, not caring about the rest of the world.

They preserve their centuries old traditions, that’s what makes them so fascinating. Nevertheless, they’re equally exciting to the rest of the world.

They always had a complicated relationship with outsiders. Sometimes we learn about them, sometimes we encounter disastrous results. Let’s have a look at top 15 scariest tribes you won’t believe still exist.


scariest tribes of the world

The Sentinelese are a tribe living on Sentinel Island who reject any contact with outsiders. If not for this, their whole tribe could be wiped out due to lack of immunity to common diseases.

But the Sentinelese live on their own small forested island with approximately the size of Manhattan- they are the least contacted tribe in the world. And they continue to resist all contact with outsiders and attack anyone who comes near. They are not entirely uncontacted- although they refuse contact with outsiders, they have come into contact with other tribes.

The Sentinelese people are so smart and civilized that outsiders usually end up hurting themselves on the island by coming ashore for a visit. Outside anthropologists have found evidence of human life on the island at least 2000 years ago, however, most of what we know about the Sentinelese is from close approaches from boats farther than an arrow’s distance from shore and random periods where authorities could get close enough to hand out some coconuts. We know they call themselves something, but not what that is.


scariest tribes of the world

If you have the opportunity to enter Papua New Guinea, you’ll be able to experience the world of the Huli Wigmen. These tribesmen are well known for their highly decorative wigs and initiation rituals. You don’t need to be stressed out when you go there, you’ll be welcomed.

Papua New Guinea is home to a quarter of a million people who are part of the cultural group. Unlike many other highland groups, their roots extend back centuries, and their culture has not been lost in modernization.

The Huli are keenly aware of their history and culture, and they have retained certain practices such as the Dance of the Hulu Wigmen who imitate the bird of paradise. New members of the tribe will go through a rite of passage process to transition into adulthood. The process includes magic and eating a special diet to help them get more hair on their head. Young men’s hair will change shape as it grows, eventually being shaped using bamboo into a traditional hat-style and after 18 months it is clipped off close to the scalp and woven into a traditional hulu wig by the wig master. All of a man’s wigs must be created before he’s married, whether they be everyday wigs or ceremonial ones.


scariest tribes of the world

They dress up and act like skeletons to scare their enemies. It looks like it’s working, dancing and moving about with sticks.

They paint themselves as skeletons in order to intimidate their enemy and make this enemy believe they have supernatural power. These archeological remains are only first seen by westerners in 1934, and since then they have remained a mystery, making their skeletal body pain even more fascinating.

They live in the mountainous central highlands of Papua New Guinea and rugged mountain valleys thousands of feet above sea level. Archeologists found evidence of Chimbu highland occupation dating back to 30,000 years ago. Evidence also suggests that 8000 years before now the people were starting to grow crops.

The Chimbu people live an agricultural lifestyle, and their houses are built in the shape of an oval or rectangle structure, with dirt floors and walls woven from flattened reeds. They keep pigs as a prized animal and often honor their ancestral spirits with their sacrifices.


scariest tribes of the world

The Mudmen tribe of Papua New Guinea is the scariest tribe on the planet! It’s difficult to classify this tribe as either being one or another. I mean, yes, they are from Papua New Guinea, but making that their defining attribute would be an oversimplification.

This tribe is native to Papua New Guinea and is renowned for their unique appearance. The men of the tribe cover their bodies in mud, which gives them a scary, otherworldly appearance. This mud also helps to camouflage them as they hunt for food.

The Asaro Mudmen Tribe is thought to be one of the oldest tribes in Papua New Guinea. They have a rich culture and tradition that includes dance, music, and story-telling. The tribe is also known for their fierce fighting skills.

Although they may look intimidating, the Asaro Mudmen Tribe is actually very friendly and welcoming to outsiders. If you ever have the chance to meet them, you will surely be impressed by their warmth and hospitality.

The Asaro Mudmen are a tribe of farmers who live in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The tribe is best known for their unique appearance and intimidating mud masks. While the origin of the mud masks is unknown, it is believed that they began wearing them as a form of camouflage while hunting. Nowadays, the mud masks are worn during special ceremonies and dances as a way to scare off evil spirits.

What makes the Asaro Mudmen truly unique is their use of optical illusions in their masks. The masks are designed in such a way that they make the wearer look like they have no eyes, mouth, or nose. This creates an incredibly frightening effect that is sure to send any evil spirits running in the opposite direction!

If you’re looking to get a glimpse of this fascinating tribe, you can find them in many different tourist areas around Papua New Guinea. However, the best way to experience their culture is to visit


scariest tribes of the world

The Naga Headhunters are a fierce and scary tribe that resides in the Northeast region of India. They are known for their poisonous snakes, which they use to intimidate their enemies. They are also known for their skill in headhunting, which they have been doing for centuries. The Nagas are a very superstitious people, and they believe that the head is the most sacred part of the human body. For this reason, they believe that by taking the heads of their enemies, they will be able to please their god and bring good luck to their tribe.


scariest tribes of the world

The Mosuo people live in a remote region of China near the town of Lugu Lake. Surrounded by high mountains and deep ravines, they are a tribe associated with some of the most mystifying cultural practices in the world.

The Mosuo tribe is one of the most feared and misunderstood tribes in the world. They are a small, secluded community that lives in the mountains of southwest China. For centuries, they have been the subject of fear and curiosity, and their way of life has been shrouded in mystery.

The Mosuo people are believed to be descendants of the ancient Bonpo religion. This religion was founded by Tibetans who fled to China during the 8th century. The Bonpo were a shamanistic people who believed in reincarnation and had a highly developed spiritual belief system.

The Mosuo tribe has retained many of their Bonpo ancestor’s shamanistic beliefs and practices. They believe in a spirit world that exists alongside our physical world. Their shamans act as intermediaries between the two worlds and help to keep the balance between them.

The Mosuo tribe is often referred to as one of the “scariest tribes in the world” because of their unique customs and beliefs. While they may seem strange to outsiders, there is nothing really scary about the Mosuo people. Their way of life has simply been shaped by their environment and their history.

The Mosuo are a matriarchal society. Women are the head of the household and own all the property. Men play a subordinate role and are not involved in decisions about the family or community. This unusual arrangement often shocks visitors, but it works well for the Mosuo people.

Another unusual custom of the Mosuo is “walking marriage”. In this type of arrangement, couples do not live together or have any type of committed relationship. Instead, men visit women at night and then return to their own homes in the morning. This allows women to have multiple partners and prevents jealousy or possessiveness.

While the Mosuo people may seem strange to us, they are just


scariest tribes of the world

When it comes to tribes, there are few that are as feared as the Cargo Cult. This is a type of religious cult that has formed in various parts of the world, most notably in Melanesia. The belief of the Cargo Cult is that westerners, or those with more material wealth, have been blessed by the gods and that by emulating them, they will be similarly blessed.

This often manifests itself in bizarre rituals and practices, such as building mock airstrips and airplanes out of straw in the hope that real airplanes will land full of cargo. While these activities may seem harmless enough, the Cargo Cult has been linked to some violent incidents, such as the1974 Air France hijacking.

So why are they considered one of the scariest tribes in the world? Well, it’s difficult to say for sure. Perhaps it’s because of their unusual beliefs or because of their history of violence. Whatever the reason, the Cargo Cult is definitely a tribe that you wouldn’t want to cross.


scariest tribes of the world

The Moken are a tribe of people who live a nomadic lifestyle in the Andaman Sea. They are expert sea nomads and have been known to travel great distances in their hand-built boats. The Moken are also amazing free-divers, able to hold their breath for up to five minutes while diving deep into the water to collect food.

But despite their peaceful existence and impressive skills, the Moken are considered one of the scariest tribes in the world by some. This is because the Moken have a tradition of covering their faces with black paint before going into battle. The paint makes them look like ghostly figures, and it is said that the Moken are able to use their diving skills to spy on their enemies and launch surprise attacks. So, if you ever come across a group of Moken people, it’s best to give them a wide berth!


scariest tribes of the world

The Mongolian eagle hunters are one of the most terrifying tribes in the world. These hunters use golden eagles to hunt down their prey. They train these eagles from a young age to be able to follow their commands. The eagles are outfitted with special gloves that protect them from the talons of their prey.

The Mongolian eagle hunters are not only feared for their hunting skills, but also for their fighting skills. They were once a part of the Mongolian army and were known for being fierce warriors. Now, they mostly use their skills to hunt down foxes and other animals.

If you ever find yourself in Mongolia, be sure to give these eagle hunters a wide berth!


scariest tribes of the world

The Satare Mawe are a tribe of hunter-gatherers who live in the rainforests of Brazil. They are known for their aggressive behavior and for their practice of cannibalism.

The Satare Mawe are one of the most feared tribes in the world. They are known for their aggressive behavior and for their practice of cannibalism. The tribe is made up of hunter-gatherers who live in the rainforests of Brazil.

The tribe’s diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, but they also eat meat, including human flesh. The Satare Mawe believe that eating human flesh gives them strength and power.

The tribe has been known to attack and kill outsiders who enter their territory. In recent years, there have been reports of the Satare Mawe attacking and killing loggers and miners who have encroached on their territory.


scariest tribes of the world

If you’re looking for a truly terrifying and scariest tribe, look no further than the Vanuatu land divers. The sport of land diving originated on the South Pacific island of Pentecost in Vanuatu. It is still practiced there today, and is a key part of the island’s culture.

Every year, men and boys climb to the top of wooden towers up to 30 meters high. They then dive head-first, with only vines tied around their ankles to break their fall. The dives are performed as part of a religious ceremony, and are believed to bring good luck and health to the villages.

While land diving may seem like a death-defying act to us, it is actually a relatively safe activity. The towers are constructed with safety in mind, and the vine ropes are carefully calculated to ensure a soft landing. Still, it takes guts to take that leap of faith!


scariest tribes of the world

The Dogon are a tribe that lives in the central plateau region of Mali, in Africa. The tribe is known for its belief in the Nommo, a group of spirit-beings who created the world and all life on it. The Dogon also have a tradition of mask-wearing, which is used to communicate with the spirits.

The Dogon are feared by many because of their belief in black magic and their use of human sacrifice. In addition, the Dogon are known for their practice of polygamy, which means that they have multiple wives. This has led to them being labeled as one of the scariest tribes in the world.


scariest tribes of the world

If you’re looking for a tribe that is truly terrifying, the Korowai Tribe is definitely one to watch out for. This clan is located in the southeastern region of Papua in Indonesia and they are well known for their practice of cannibalism. The Korowai Tribe was only discovered by the outside world in the 1970s and very little is known about them. What we do know is that they believe that eating the flesh of their enemies will make them stronger and more powerful. In 2009, a German documentary filmmaker was even killed and eaten by the Korowai Tribe after he tried to film their cannibalistic rituals.


scariest tribes of the world

Kayan women are the members of the Kayan tribe who live in the remote jungle regions of Borneo. These women are renowned for their long necks, which they achieve by wearing heavy brass coils around their neck and shoulders. The coils push down the women’s collarbones and compress their rib cages, making their necks appear longer.

The Kayan tribe is a matrilineal society, meaning that descent and inheritance are traced through the female line. Kayan women have a high status within the tribe, and they are responsible for making important decisions about tribal affairs.

The Kayan tribe is one of the most remote and inaccessible tribes in the world. They have very little contact with the outside world, and they are wary of strangers. Visitors to Kayan territory must be accompanied by a tribal member, and they are not allowed to photograph or film the tribe.


scariest tribes of the world

The Aghori tribe is one of the most feared tribes in the world. They are known for their dark rituals and practice of cannibalism. The Aghori live in India and are said to be the descendants of Lord Shiva. The tribe is small, with only a few hundred members. But their reputation is enough to scare even the bravest of men. The Aghori believe that by eating human flesh, they will become closer to Lord Shiva. They also believe that it gives them strength and power. The Aghori are not just feared by people, but also by animals. It is said that when an Aghori enters a village, all the dogs start barking. The Aghori are also known to drink from human skulls and use human bones as weapons. If you ever come across an Aghori, it is best to stay away!