Gramma Tala: 10 Things We Should Know About Moana’s Grandmother

In 2016, Disney released the animated film “Moana”, in which a major character was named Gramma Tala. Tala resides on the beautiful atoll of Motunui, where it’s almost impossible to forget the Polynesian legends and myths she is known for. Sometimes referred to as the “village crazy lady,” Tala has become a close friend of local villagers and appears alongside her young granddaughter Moana in many of their scenes.

1Gramma Tala Is A Great Lover Of Sea Exploration & Sea Investigation

Walking on the delicate sands of the sea, admiring the colors and textures of the water without disturbing a soul, Tala is in love with sea investigation. The origin of her love for sea exploration is derived from her South Pacific navigator ancestry. When others make the mistake of forgetting their roots, Tala hopes they will eventually come to realize that her people are indeed amazing. Without the loss of her people’s ancient knowledge, Tala has not forgotten about their ties to their roots. She dreams for a better day when they will once again be chosen as master wayfinders.

2 She Is In-titled As “Keeper Of The Ancient Stories” in Motunui

Tala has apparently been called the “keeper of the ancient stories”. She has an extensive knowledge and comprehension of her patrimony and culture, as well as an extensive history of storytelling itself. Tala has also foreseen the darkness that her people face. The increasing darkness has brought great challenges to Tala. She knows that her people could not overcome these trials without the guidance of Moana’s wayfinding talents. Tala believes that Moana will harness her wayfinding capabilities to someday set free the world from darkness.

3 Gramma Tala Is Mother Of The Motunui’s Chief Tui & Grandmother Of Moana

Moana, who is the protagonist of this film, has a best friend and grand mother named Tala, who shares her granddaughter’s special relatedness to the ocean. Tui (Tala’s Son), the chief of Motunui, is prone to being a balderdash superior, despite not being very approachable, Gramma Tala absolutely dances to the strike of her own drum.

4 Gramma Tala Has A Cheerful Risk Taker Personality

If you meet Tala, you’ll be struck by how much of herself she puts into her work. She’s independently spirited and willing to take risks while making sure that she stays true to herself and “listening to the sound of your heart.” Tala’s personal goals are to be a force for good in the world and to continue her mission of following her heart.

Tala always knew that she needed to live by her own rules, not the ones society dictated. Tala naturally believes that it’s better to be different no matter how unlikely the idea is, and this has resulted in her being somewhat of a social outcast. Her unusual behavior and her “village crazy lady” status made her a bit of an outcast, though she holds the title with pride. Tala has untapped playfulness and mischievousness, and she is a bit of a trickster. She will almost always do things for fun (it’s just her nature) even at the expense of someone else. Even when it comes to Tui, whom she thinks of as her son and chief, she can still keep secrets from if she wants to.

Despite her reluctance to share personal details, Tala and Moana are very close. They share an incredibly close connection, which is more than any relationship Moana shares with her family. The two have so much in common, with Moana taking after her grandmother and providing support for one another throughout Moana’s early life. Even after Tala passes away, the bond between the two remains strong until Moana completes her adventure.

5 Tala Motivated Moana For Adventurous Expedition To Save Motunui

Tala was an incredibly unique and valued person who loved her family and people immensely. A solitary villager and firm believer in the supernatural factors of Polynesia, she existed through much of her later years with a heavy load of wanting to reinstate balance. However, her efforts were met with limited success due to lack of resources. Even though Tala was going through a tough time, she still remained optimistic during the crises and had a lot of faith in Moana. She trusted that her granddaughter would fill her role and prove herself worthy to return the heart of Te Fiti in order to save Motunui. Trusting in the ocean and knowing that Moana had what it takes to go on her mission to save Te Fiti’s, Tala used her own wisdom to prepare and suggest her granddaughter for this life-changing expedition across the sea. Tala’s words during the “I Am Moana” song indicate that the intentions of her actions were intentional, and that her presence had been foreseen. This eventually benefits everyone connected to Tala, as well as the world.

Tala felt tremendous guilt for placing such responsibility on Moana before she died. Tala dedicated herself to pursuing Moana’s dreams and ambitions and supporting her granddaughter, a commitment so strong she felt no disappointment after being told Moana’s mission had failed.

When her granddaughter expressed willingness to return home despite being told it was not yet accomplished, Tala pledged support and duty without hesitation as she promised to remain beside Moana. In the other words, Tala is once again supportive and loving, offering to join Moana in every step of the journey back to her mission.

This is a great example of how Tala loves her family. Tala is deeply compassionate and humane, and spends her entire day focusing on caring for others and improving the well-being of those she loves. She places a greater emphasis on making people happy rather than simply pursuing her own interests.

6 Gramma Tala Already Knew That Motunui Would Be Collapsed By Te Kā If She Didn’t Get Her Heart

Tala begins the film with an introductory description expansioning Maui’s story. From there, we are taken through the day he stole mother island, Te Fiti’s affectionate gem heart, only to have darkness fall on the world as a result. It was stopped only when the heart was returned to its appropriate place and if it is not, claimed by Tala: everyone will die one by one of a quiet and maddening death through the hands of Te Kā (Lava Demon).

7Gramma Is The True Medium & Storyteller Of Motunui Who Aware About The Dangers For Humanity But His Son Tui Was Not Convinced With Her

Children gather to hear Tala’s story, which is both entertaining and terrifying. When Moana arrives, she’s captivated by the story and stays back to listen. Tala’s son, Chief Tui, rallies up the crowd of children and claims that they are all conscious. However, Tala remains adamant in her belief that someone must travel across the ocean in order to save the world. Moana is bewitched by Tala’s story. The children gathered in the square are crying and scared, but Moana is anything but terrified.

Moana’s father, Chief Tui, arrives to sort out the crying crowd, claiming the stories are not anything more than works of fantasy. Tala nevertheless insists that what he says is true and that someone must pluck the ocean to protect the world. Meanwhile, in the story, while on a mission to find demigod Maui, Moana is chosen to return the heart of the world’s immortal beings. She dropped her sacred stone when her father picked her up, and it fell into the authority of Tala, who had been watching over the island.

Moana is close to her best friend, Tala, who also helps Moana prepare for the day when she will lead the people of Motunui as chief. Eventually, word spreads that resources on the island are becoming scarce and dying out which leads to Moana’s father reclaiming his position as chief. Eventually, Moana follows through with her father’s wishes and chooses to focus on her future duties until something goes wrong. Moana tells the people they’ll be rich beyond their wildest imaginations (Finding more fish) if they sail out beyond the reef. Tui, however, forbids anyone from going there because he fears they’ll never come back. Moana denies her feelings because she doesn’t want to disappoint her dad, but at the same time she feels as though there is some truth to his skepticism about her motives.

8 Moana & Gramma Tala’s Ancestor’s Were Great Sea Explorer But They Stopped Traveling Years Ago Due To The Darkness Spread By Te Ka

Moana sails out to sea with Pua in search of more fish without telling anyone. When she gets caught in the storm, she nearly drowns and almost loses her foot. She saves herself and makes it to the beach, where Tala greets her and examines the wound on her granddaughter’s foot. She doesn’t have to tell Tui anything because of their age difference. Moana is not sure if she’s ready to venture into the deep waters of the ocean, and Tala becomes doubtful of her granddaughter’s behavior. Moana asks why her grandmother is reacting peculiarly when she hasn’t done anything wrong. She takes Moana to a hidden ingress in the cave, where Tala explains that there’s something that needs to be said. Tala, an inventor, says that Moana should journey inward, beat the drums and discover the source of her deep connection to the ocean.

Once Moana travels to the heart of her personal history, she discovers her ancestors were once great travelers who stopped their journeys years ago. Moana asks Tala why the travelers stopped. Tala tells, Maui’s theft of Te Fiti’s heart resulted in a surge of darkness and corruption flowing over the seas. It became too dangerous to sail on the ocean because of all the danger that awaits.

For centuries, The chiefs of the past controlled the movements and kept their people safe by preventing anyone from leaving, and as a result, the people of Motunui have forgotten their origins. In some ways this has aided in protecting them; however, it also means that danger hasn’t decreased.

9 Tala Firmly Believes That Ocean Chose Moana For This Great Adventures As The Protector Of The Humanity

Tala shows Moana signs of an incoming catastrophe that points to her island following the next. Moana is shocked by this information, but then Tala discloses that she has the heart of destiny (it means Te Fiti’s heart) in her ownership, and describes that the ocean choose Moana as the one who can protect the world. Moana accepts her amenability, and thanks Tala for providing the way to Maui through a star galaxy (constellation) that looks like his fishhook. Moana begins to run off in search of help, but Tala finds herself feeling increasingly weaker with every step. Tala restlessly looks up at the starry sky in sheer fatigue and sinks to the ground once more, exhausted and hardly breathing.

Soon after finding Tala, Moana discovers the walking stick on the ground and learns her grandmother approaches death and receiving medical treatment but can’t be saved. Tala gives an encouraging hug and a reminder of the importance of saving her people. They settle in to await news on the grandmother’s condition, with Tala promising that she will always be with Moana (Her Granddaughter). Tala moving forward her necklace with a seething heart of Te Fiti inside of it. Moana leaves the hut sadly, looking to all that remains of her family members. As she looks back at her island, Moana is able to see Tala’s light go out and make her way up into the sky. In a spiritual sense, Tala takes the form of an awakened manta ray in order to guide Moana through the open ocean on the journey ahead.

Though Moana and Maui were able to find each other and convince him to sail back to Te Fiti in order to end Te Ka’s reign, the battle ended in catastrophic failure. Maui’s hook was extremely destroyed, and he blamed Moana for the catastrophe before wandering off alone at sea believing there was no hope in restoring the heart. Feeling she had failed her people and her ancestors by not stopping the Ocean from taking the heart of Te Fiti, Moana let the Ocean take it and watched it plunge to the lowest part of the Ocean.

Moana has visited her grandmother’s spirit and felt conflicted about her decision to return home. When she confided in Tala, Tala was able to provide comfort and support and apologized for inserting all of this pressure on her for the first time. Tala recognizes that Moana still doesn’t know what she should do: she lovingly supports Moana but also encourages her to keep exploring possibilities of her journey. In the end, with Moana feeling missed and confused, Tala sings “I Am Moana” as a way to encourage Moana (and us) in whatever paths we choose. Moana dances down the path of her finding, conceding her love for both the sea and her people, ultimately deciding that she’s not dependent on one or the other. Her new found courage and inspiration leads Moana to dive into the sea and regain Te Fiti’s heart. When she comes up for air, her grandmother, Tala is gone with no trace.

10In The End, Tala Reappears In The Form Of A Manta Ray And Swims By As Moana Guides Her People Beyond The Reef As They Embark On New Journeys

The end isn’t left without a victory. Moana arrives on the island with Maui and is finally successful in restoring the heart of Te Fiti. With victory, Moana returns home to embrace her dispirited parents and earn the title of chief of “Motunui”. After the celebration, Moana promises to help protect her people and her people are presently free to venture the seas and sail like their ancestors before them! Moana is on a quest to understand her past, so it’s appropriate that she stopped by the island where she was born. Tala is reborn as a physical manta ray and floats side-by-side Moana’s boat during Moana’s welcome ceremony, until Maui arrives, watching them sail away with pride.