10 Richest Beggars In The World & How They Got Their Wealth

There are many beggars in the world who are incredibly wealthy. These individuals have managed to accumulate a large amount of money over the years by begging. There are a number of reasons why these millionaires among beggars exist. For example, some of them may be able to amass their wealth through traditional means such as gambling or business ventures, but others may have inherited their wealth or become very wealthy through charitable work. Here are the ten of the world’s richest beggars, yet famous too.

1 Bharat Jain

Richest Beggars In The World

Bharat Jain has a unique life story and is also known as a celebrity beggar. At the age of 51 years, he is known for frequenting the location of the famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Azad Maidan and Mumbai to ask commuters for money.

One such individual in India, Bharat Jain, earns approximately 2000-2500 rupees a day without having any degree. They earn this by panhandling on the side for 8-10 hours a day. He adds up to 75000 rupees or about $1000 a month that is significantly more than what an average Indian would be able to earn and if it is not sufficient wait and stay, here something more.
In addition to catching human eyes Mr. Jain owns two 1-BHK apartments in Patel Nagar worth an estimated value of 7 million each. This is something you might not have known before, that he is also a boss. He is a beggar who owns a shop in Bhandup which he has rented to a juice Center.

Now that Mr. Jain has come up with a new and efficient method to generate extra income, we can all be inspired and start running to be the richest beggars in the world. So with the extra income he gets from renting out, Mr. Jain is able to earn an extra 10,000 INR per month.

2 Eisha

Richest Beggars In The World

Eisha was a 100-year-old blind woman begging on the streets of Saudi Arabia. She spent 50 years carrying out the daily task of begging like any other normal beggar, had a well-known face due to her people’s regular visits, and would continue to do so into her old age. As you can notice, we’ve often used the past tense to refer to Eisha. Did she stop begging later on when she became rich?

In 2014, a wealthy woman suddenly died, leaving her extravagant riches to the poor. She was a centenarian who had been living on the streets and that alone shocked people. However, she was also the owner of a secret property existing, of jewelry, gold coins and an incredible real estate portfolio worth $799,935 including 4 buildings and additional $266,645.

Eisha, who made her fortune as a beggar princess and then had it doubled, is well known for her financial generosity in Al-Balad, Jeddah. However, according to Eisha’s close friend Saeedi, despite being born into poverty herself, making money for the poor was exactly what she did with all of her newly acquired wealth. The motto of “the real wealthy spends his wealth for the unfortunates” has been proven true with her actions.

Eisha was the richest beggar in history, leaving a will directing the state to distribute all of her wealth among those living in less fortunate circumstances. She went further than just leaving huge amounts of money and wealth, she also opened up properties for fellow less fortunate families to live in without charging rent. It is not only Eisha’s financial power that garnered so much admiration but she had her heart in the right place.

3 Simon Wright

Richest Beggars In The World

Simon Wright known for begging on Putney High Street in London, wearing ragged clothes and have a handwritten sign — “Homeless, hungry” — to solicit alms. For three years, he spent every day sitting in those ragged clothes from morning until night and begging and so his face showed all the signs of poverty he had lived with. The police Constable, Oliver, knew Simon Wright well and understood his struggles and commiserated with him unto one night.

One night, Oliver followed him to his home so that he could make better arrangements for him. Unfortunately, Little did he know that his life was going to be rocked by what happened next. When Oliver found out Simon lived in a luxurious council flat near Fulham, he was really surprised. Oliver discovered that Simon is the owner of this luxury council flat worth around £300,000.

Simon was arrested and banned from begging after being caught breaking the law. A week later, he was caught begging in London’s Leicester Square and sent back to jail. But uncooperative behavior only lasts so long. Just one hour later, police saw Simon begged just seconds away from Coventry Street.

Finally, Simon Wright has been arrested, put into prison and banned from bailing out. Officers found out that he is the UK’s most expensive homeless person, earning up to £50,000 a year. He spends hundreds of dollars on luxury clubs and bars around the world. If he is still allowed to beg, this could potentially be the case where Simon Wright brags the crown of being the richest beggar in the world.

4 Sambhaji Kale

Richest Beggars In The World

Many people might change their fortune for the purpose of being a millionaire beggar like Kale. As always, there is a passionate and devoted Millionaire Beggar who will dare you to reconsider your future career strategy. The name of this guy is Sambhaji Kale.

For the Smabhaji family in Mumbai, begging is an integral part of their lives. The family of four earns around $12 a day, which translates to about $360 per month. You might be thinking this salary is good for your family but Your smile might be disrespectful because you think they only make 30k INR per month in his respective country.

Sambhaji is a real life example of how poverty can be overcome through hard work, as he has a lucrative career and owns a lot. Sambhaji is both a beggar and an investor, who invested thousands of dollars in various international companies. With high bank account values he makes us want to hide everything from our eyes. In addition to this, He also has two other houses, a residence in Virar and property land in Solapur.

5 Irwin Corey

Richest Beggars In The World

Irwin Corey was a resident of Midtown Manhattan on Third Avenue where he knocks on the car windows in order to sell his newspapers. He would primarily sell newspapers to unsuspecting drivers passing by. He sold countless newspapers by day and also became a beloved personality around the city. Before that, he would always be seen selling newspapers for 17 years as a part of his routine.

The well-known American comedian, Professor Irwin Corey, is known worldwide for his great performances. But what made him beg on the streets? Professor Corey defined the reason for his profession (Begging). He was selling newspapers and begging outside of his prestigious apartment because it generated extra income.

He donated money to a charity that provides support for children with healthcare needs in Cuba. But you think that he was a millionaire, he could have easily just donated some of his wealth, but he was willing to work hard in order to support someone less fortunate.

This is because, Corey’s work ethic inspired him to achieve more in all aspects of his life. He never stopped working, and was the head showman even at death. Today when he is gone forever, cars still stop at the flashing red light he left behind, but Mr. Corey is no more with us selling newspapers and telling people, “See you later Alligator”.

6 Ted Williams

Richest Beggars In The World

Ted Williams (the former radio announcer) is our next person to be the richest beggar in the world that was different from the others. He had an addiction to drugs and alcohol which resulted in a difficult time of his life, where he was unemployed and kicked out of his family home. And yet, despite all this, Ted never gave up and instead led a very inspiring life filled with many highs and low moments along the way where it was easily noticeable that he had some very hard times in life.

Ted Williams wanted to give himself another chance at success to stand on his own and make something of himself. But In January of 2011 when a car driver in Columbus, Ohio, was stopped at a red light, he noticed a man singing out on the road and had a sign board in the hands. He almost gave up when no one stopped to read his sign, “Man with a god-gifted golden voice.” Even after days of standing there as a singer, he didn’t get much of a response. Everyone stopped to listen but did not do anything else except donate some money.

Even with a relatively small amount of social media awareness, Ted became millionaire and instantly famous after A reporter from Columbus remittance attentioned him singing on the street and uploading his video on YouTube to singing a song. In less than a year, his fortunes changed in an instant and he started working for professional singers. Ted Williams carry on to give his voice to productions for commercials as well as short films.

7 Saravatia Devi

Richest Beggars In The World

This woman is a celebrity beggar, has been in the begging world in India for a long time, and is known as one of the most successful. Saravatia Devi is from Patna and has been begging for 50 years.

Saravatia Devi is a professional beggar from “Patna” and is known as one of the most successful begger throughout the nation. She is 50+ years old and is one of the most notable names in the begging world of India. One interesting fact about her- Saravatia Devi also known as celebrity beggar and enjoys fame in India as the “boss” of her locality.

Not even the smartest beggar would dare to try and start their business in the areas of Saravatia Devi. She has been doing this job for over thirty-five years and she has amassed a great amount in her bank account, which is way more than even the average person’s lifetime savings of people like us.

Saravatia Devi is the owner of a pleasant house at the back of Ashok Cinema and has a well-established daughter who has gotten married. She pays 5000 and 31,000 INR yearly for her 2 insurance policies, that are valued at Rs 100k and Rs 300k respectively. She also follows Akshay Kumar’s statement that “account balance and your name should never go away”. She has been on pilgrimages to many holy places around India, and is a frequent traveler to popular tourist destinations.

8 He Rongfeng

Richest Beggars In The World

Let’s jump back to 1993. He Rongfeng, who was 17-years-old and came from a low-income family in Taizhou, China, started begging on the streets of the city to help family. His attempt to find work in this area ultimately led to him becoming an orphan. Luckily, he never gave up hope and thought that someone will someday open a path or light up his dark world.

Once, He Rongfeng and his friends were standing outside a busy noodle shop. With a crowd of people gathered outside the shop, He Rongfeng and his friends could not even think about getting some noodles to eat. Even when they were really hungry, it did not seem like a good idea. We see many situations in which the shop owners drive away such beggars, but this particular case was different.

Dai Xingfen (The noodles shop owner) was a kind-hearted woman who provided meals for them and tried best to get them a job; she couldn’t, so she gave them some money to get jobs in Huangyan. Meanwhile, Her former guest (He Rongfeng) later opened a successful business and became millionaires themselves with his hard work and dedication.

However this was not enough. Rongfeng felt that what is more important than money is integrity. So he returned to Dai Xingfen and offered her $163,000 as a grateful gift. Yet, Dai Xingfen refused to take money, even though Rongfeng continued to remember her. This made her cry of joy now that he remembered her for all of her help.

Even today there is still a giant banner on Dai’s shop that Rongfeng had gifted her just to say thank you.

9 Krishna Kumar Gite

Richest Beggars In The World

Mumbai is filled with examples of dream fulfillment. No part of Mumbai is more difficult than CP Tank, where Krishna Gite dedicates his life to earning a living by collecting money from begging. You can watch his daily work process at CP Tank near Charni Road in India every day.

The highest earning beggar never fails to live in luxury, and Krishna is no different. Krishna Kumar Gite — built up headlines for making a fortune recently. According to recent estimates, Krishna makes around 40,000-50,000 INR monthly income. He also owns a luxurious and royal flat in Nallasopara that he shares with his brother, who is the finance manager. He has dedicated himself for his begging job at a level that he now needs a finance manager to manage his capital.

10 Massu

Richest Beggars In The World

Due to his exceptional strength and lavish style, Massu is not only the wealthiest beggar in the world, but he is also one of the swankiest in Mumbai (The dream city). If you dine at any high-end restaurant or pub in Mumbai’s Andheri, chances are very high that you’ll meet Massu. “Massu ” is a 60 year old man who has been begging in tattered clothes and is pushing tears out of his eyes. You might feel mercy and lighten your purse a little as most people do when they see him. Massu’s task is to work from 8 PM to 2-3 AM, making about 1,500-2,000 INR per night. And Malana Khan is seen dressed in clean clothes emerging from an auto-rickshaw near begging spot every day at before around 8pm.

Malana comes by an auto-rickshaw and the change his outfits and become Massu. That’s because they are two sides of the same coin, in a way. Due to his debating skills and acting experience, Massu Khan would have been able to land lead roles in Bollywood. However, he is now the owner of an asset worth nearly 300 million INR and a happy family with a wife and two children.

A wealthy beggar, Massu rules in his area, and he has for a long time. And there are no other beggars who go to ask for money in his area. Living in an expensive 1 BHK penthouse apartment at Amboli, Andheri West, he has rented out his second cheaper apartment of Andheri East to earn an extra 8000 INR a month.

Yashraj Studios (a Bollywood film company) is extremely close to where Massu lives, just a few miles down the road. Massu has a high-end client list of drunk celebs of Bollywood. Many sources say that he have a deep reach inside the world of Bollywood, and thus he always uses his connections for top rewards.