7 Incredible Facts About Ningyo (Merfolk From Japanese Mythology)

The idea of mermaids is interesting when talking about Greek and Japanese Mythology. Mermaids and their increasing popularity have been taken into account by ancient myths. It’s often said that they’re extremely beautiful and humble, according to those myths. However, their perspectives are really different it; means they depend on which culture they’re part of. Legends believed that with Greek mythology, these Mermaids are often seen as fairies but in Japanese mythology, they are seen as strange and exotic. Yes! Mermaids also exist in Japanese mythology. Even though there are mermaids, you may still be surprised with their strange appearance.

1 Gyojinn & Hangyo-jin Are Some Other Common Names Of Ningyo

The creature with the name “Ningyo” (which is also considered fish-man) is a popular figure in what most people might consider to be Japanese folklore. In fact, it’s a popular subject in many traditional tales and references. Ningyo has features of both man and fish and is known by many names such as “Gyojinn” or “Hangyo-jin”. Mermaids are also a popular and iconic part of Western legends. The creature called Ningyo, which is often compared to mermaids in western legends, is found predominantly in the sea.

2 They Are Half Fish Half Human But Different Than Western Mermaids

The concept of the half-human, half-fish creatures today reminds us of where our knowledge begins and ends. One is Ningyo and one is Western mermaid, but it’s hard to deny that there are significant differences between them.

3Ningyo Have More “Part Monkey” Features Rather Than “Part Human Features”

Ningyo Merfolk Japanese Mythology

As seen in the stories, while comparing the charm between the Western Mermaids (a term often identifying creations in different cultures) and the Ningyos (part of a Japanese mythology), it is clear that the Western Mermaids were more charming. When people think of a Ningyo, their first thought might be about its looks because of their unusual appearance.

So, when we are talking about Ningyo’s physical appearance, One of the most unusual features of a Ningyo is that the upper half of a man but resembles a monkey more than a human and their lower half looks like a fish. Still, despite the oddity of the appearance, the representation of the Japanese mermaid wasn’t even close to being the oddest.

In some parts of the world, locals have yet to recognize the category of Ningyo, as neither slouches to humans, or not an ape’s body. They considered it to have a head that is a mixture of human, ape, and reptilian which is connected to the fish body. However, this creature is often considered benevolent or even a water spirit. Here and there, Sometimes these heads are shown in a way that they’re not usually shown, and they’re also out of the unprivileged. The Ningyo’s head can be explained like this – it has plain, slender horns that have sharp pointed fangs which can tear easily any human flesh. Amabie or Amabiko are also kinds of what is known as a Ningyo. These kinds of creatures literally bowed to have beaks and bowed to have scales from the neck to the body.

4 Ningyo Has Many Special Superpowers & They Even Predict The Future

Ningyo Merfolk Japanese Mythology

There are many legends that people believe in that explain how Ningyos tend to be seen as mystical beings with many abilities. Legend has it that some mythologically-touched Ningyos have special powers and can actually do some magical stuff, too; in the other words, Ningyos are also able to perform a variety of mystical feats, as well.

If you’re tired of hearing about the same old examples, this example will totally shock you. If we’re going to talk about examples, Ningyos weep out pearls. Pearl lovers have always been drawn to the beautiful gemstone that is Ningyo. The Amabie, which is a kind of Ningyo, also has a reputation for being able to predict the future, so it might be a good idea to stock up on them if you’re in the market for genuine predictions.

The Amabie story has been told in many different ways over the years, according to various records. It’s said that the Amabie precursors both sickness and good harvest. It was written in the late 19th century according to a story that was recorded. Plus, people even drew it to ward-off various diseases because they didn’t want to get sick from such headaches in their lives.

5They Enjoy To Lure Men Into The Ocean

There are some others which are also known to be quite gentle and seduce or lure men into the ocean with their beauty; they’re able to change into a variety of different forms which make them even more sinister just like jorogumo or Kumiho 9 tailed fox. These traits include seduction, transformation, and the ability to hypnotize or lure men are in addition to the previously mentioned traits.

6According To Legends, Human May Become Eternal While Consuming Ningyo Flesh Or Atleast You May Survive For 800 Years

Ningyo Merfolk Japanese Mythology

The mythical Ningyo is one of the most widely recognized creatures in Japanese folklore. One of the main mystical abilities attributed to them is Ningyo’s potential for “Longevity” (Long lifespan). In addition to that, they are said to have many other rumors to have unique skills and special powers as well, that you probably don’t know about. Despite the fact that it is believed that simply eating the flesh of a Ningyo can have miraculous effects on humans it means will allow a human to live for eternity or at least gain a long life, experts remain unconvinced. The interesting slice is that it’s also seen as something that can be used to fend off death.

The 800-year-old nun is also known as “Happyanku Bikuni” and it’s a famous story that accompanies this faith. Aside from this, there are numerous different stories that are told about this belief, including those that take place in Japan.

Ningyo is an imaginary creature that originated from Japan. This story follows a fisherman who caught this creature and discusses how lucky he was to have saved it before it sank down into the sea. After a fisherman caught a Ningyo, the story becomes about how identities have to be concealed in order to survive. Fisherman invites a few of his friends over for a surprise meal at his home with the expectation that in a few hours they will all be eating Ningyo, and everything goes fine, but fisherman wants to keep it a secret. But most of the friends had guessed that they were invited to consume the Ningyo meat, so they just didn’t touch chopsticks. No one could think of what they would do with the Ningyo meat, and so they all acted as if they were not “touching” chopsticks that day. In other term they all pretended they already ate this meat.

The little girl of the fisherman too consumed the meat. After the fisherman’s daughter ate the meat. After taking 15 years to grow into womanhood, the little girl couldn’t grow any more and remained in that stage for her entire life. From there, she became a nun, where she went a long way (every corner of the globe) and died when she had traveled throughout the world for about 800 years, which means when she hit 800 years.

7 The Story Of Ningyo At Tenshou-Kyousha Temple That Tells Ninjyo Was Once A Human Who Was Cursed For Their Present

Ningyo Merfolk Japanese Mythology

The first mention of the mythical creature that became known as Ningyo, however, is believed to have been recorded by ancient Japanese. So what has been confirmed by the ancient Japanese is that they believe the existence of the Ningyo with proof of its existence. In the present day, many people still believe that there is a body of the Ningyo at the Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine, which is located in Fujinomiya. The belief left many to assume that there are still these creatures out in the world somewhere. According to legend, this happened somewhere a long time ago. A prince met a Ningyo on his travels. Supposedly, the dying creature told him where exactly that mythical being (Ningyo) was actually born.

The Ningyo is someone who started their career as a fisherman before it was cursed. One day, he accidentally betrayed the sacred waters to fish that were considered holy by his ancestors. In response to his sacrilege, he was cursed and turned into a creature that is dubbed as Ningyo – an aquatic monstrosity that has fish fins and human bodies.

A few things happen in life, and many of them are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the ones that do happen. After those unfortunate incidents, the fisherman had learned his lesson. After what happened to the fisherman and his body, he decided to give his advice about the incident and the temple where it would be put. So he suggested to the prince that he put his body in many temples for demonstration as a reminder for his incident. He also remembers this is dedicated to worship.

As a result, Anybody who visits the temple and sees this Ningyo will be reminded of the important role that spirituality plays in their lives; it means about his sacred life. As soon as you see this mermaid, you’ll immediately realize that it’s a Japanese-made mermaid. But it resembles the Fiji mermaid in many ways because of its monkey-like face or fish-like body or in simple way its appearance.