Top 11 Remote Locations In The World

Want to get away from the world for a while? There are many isolated places in the world where you will not find just any single person. These are the places with difficult access and where you may only get a small boat or after several hours walking complicated paths, you may be access to those remote locations in the world.

These locations may be located at extreme points on the Earth. We made a compilation of 11 remote locations from a small island with only 50 inhabitants in the middle of the ocean to the volcano as the highest mountain in terms of farthest point from the center of the Earth.

1 Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is a group of island in the South Atlantic Ocean about 3,000 kilometers from South-Africa and South America. The overall territory is categorized by British government in to four different islands including: Tristan da Cunha (this is the major one among the entire island), Nightingale Island, Inaccessible Island, and Gough Island.

Though the unavailability of airport makes your holiday tough and you can access only boats by South African services that will be available eight to nine times a year.

2 Motuo – China

Motuo County is an autonomous village located in Easter Tibet. There is not a single highway or road leading to this village, but to do anything you have to pass icy Himalayan slopes and cross a long suspension bridge. The area occupies about 30,000 square kilometers and is the habitat of more than 3,000 species of plants and 42 species of rare animals.

In Motuo, plenty of rain has been found throughout the year and the region is considered as the isolated and remotest area due to fencing of snow capped mountains.

3 Alert, Nunavut – Canada

Alert is the place permanently inhabited northernmost land. It is approximately 800 kilometers from the North Pole. Due to the polar climatic conditions, you can observe snow covers. The snow has been found for 10 months throughout the year but sometime it exists till a complete year.

In the summer the sun does not set, while in winter does not come out. More than 85 percent of the rainfall occurs in July and August month. Get ready for heaviest snowfall in Alert, if you are planning to visit there in the month of September.

4 Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island under the Pitcairn group of Islands only has an area of 47 square kilometers. Pitcairn Group of Islands actually consists of four different islands – Pitcairn, Henderson, Oeno and Ducie. Out of these, only inhabited part is Pitcairn Island. You can access this place via boats and still this is hard to visit this place. Out of all Islands, Pitcairn has only area of 4.6 square kilometers.

You can get few shops there active three days a week with a population of around 50 peoples only. If you want to spend a holiday at Pitcairn, it is better to stay at the home of some of its inhabitants otherwise there is no hotel.

5 Kerguelen Islands

Thisisland groupbelongs to France and also named as the Desolation Islands. The KerguelenIsland is located southern part of Indian Ocean. It is one of the isolated and remote locations of the World. The major island in the group is Grand Terre that is 6675 square kilometers in area.

The Kerguelen Islands are not really inhabited but there may be probability to find some French scientist, researchers and workers out there. The nearest inhabited island is more than 3,300 kilometers far from the Kerguelen Islands.

6 Ittoqqortoormiit – Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit – the remote town of Greenland! This place in Greenland has a difficult name to pronounce, Ittoqqortoormiit, and it occupies the size of same as England but only has 500 inhabitants. The population earns their money mainly with polar beer and whale hunting. The area can be accessed helicopters or boats.

7 Cape York – Australia

At the Cape York Peninsula located in Australia,you can enjoy the nature without findingalmostanyone. It is last wild land (undisturbed natural area) remained on this planet. Inthis peninsula,considerable size of about 18,000people found to exist. Due toheavy rainfall, it is often difficult to reach Cape York.

8 McMurdo Station – Antarctica

McMurdo Station is an American research station where about 1,200 scientists work. It is located at the southern tip of Ross Island and currently it is used for waste management programs and logistics services for remote camps and inland stations under the US-Antarctic campaign.

If you are thinking about a vacation there then just you have to start your planning with various resources that prevents you from severe cold. Only in the months of January and December, the temperature rises above zero degrees.

9 La Rinconada – Peru

La Rinconada in Peru is located at 5,100 meters above the sea level. It is more a camp than a city, but the reason for population existence here is that La Rinconada is based on nearby gold mines. Roads are so inferior to access this faraway area but that takes you several days to get here.

10 Easter Island

Easter Island in Chile is known for its large stone figures, the Moai (the undestroyed monumental statue) can be observed by a plane also. The island is named after it was discovered in 1722 on Easter Sunday. This remotest area is majorly famous for its extreme isolation from the World.

11 Chimborazo Volcano

Chimborazo volcano is the farthest from the center of the earth’s point, 6310 meters in Ecuador. Also Chimborazo is believed to the highest mountains of Ecuador. But if you come to the Everest, it is measured highest by elevation from sea level and Chimborazo is measured from the Earth’s center.

The topmost part of the Chimborazo is completely surrounded by glaciers. The mountain is now supposed to be inactive volcano and the last known volcanic activity occurred around 550 AD.