10 Most Brutal Fire Demons, Titans & Kaijus No One Want To Mess With

No matter what their origin story is, one thing is for sure: fire demons are dangerous creatures. They have the power to incinerate anything and anyone in their way. They thrive on chaos and destruction, and love nothing more than watching the world burn. These fearsome beings are made entirely of fire, and they feast on the living. They have great pyrokinesis powers and they can burn through anything in their path, and they often enjoy tormenting their victims before devouring them. Let’s be ready for this list of most brutal fire demons, titans and kaijus no one wants to mess with.

1 Surtur (The Fire Demon Of Norse Mythology)

Fire Demons

Surtur or Surtr is a primordial Jötunn and one of the nine apocalyptic deities in Norse mythology. He’s considered the one who shall end the world during Ragnarök and is regarded as one of two “supreme evils” within Scandinavian lore, with Loki being the second.

Surtr is the embodiment of primordial times before the creation of the entire universe. He is literally one of a kind, as he’s definitely the last jötnar still alive.

The Viking manuscripts describe the fire giant known as Surtr as first emerging from the flames of Muspelheim – the realm of firekind. According to Norse mythology, Surtr was born from this explosion and started a devastating fire. His weapons are his immense sword and his flaming garments.

Because he has no personality, Surt will do whatever it takes to sow chaos where he goes. He doesn’t care about other living beings and is ready to destroy the world– and himself– in the process of making sure nothing survives in fire.

When Ragnarok comes, Surtr, who was born from the flames, will lead the army of fire demons from Muspelheim to attack Asgard and enter into battle. Sadly, Surtr will someday fight the god Freyr, who will be killed by the flaming sword of the giant long before he reaches that point in time. But all his effort will prove for naught because at the end of all these battles, Surtr will jiggle his weapon and release a wave of primordial fire that consumes all Nine Realms.

2 Jinn (Arabic Demon With Fire Based Powers)

Fire Demons

According to Arabic mythology, a jinni is a spirit inhabiting the earth. They can take many different forms and have supernatural powers that humans don’t. There seems to be evidence of their existence in the Qurʾān, as well. Belief for the existence of jinn was common in pre-Islamic Arabia before Islam, where they were more likely to inspire poets and fortune-tellers. A believer would catch glimpses of them sometimes–just smokeless flames–and they were too comely to forget. They are demon-like beings or creatures of smokeless flame by nature, just like humans are made up of earth, but can’t be seen by humans.

3 Kronos (Wrath Of The Titans)

Fire Demons

Kronos is the king of the Titans and the father of the Greek gods. Kronos’ current form is that of molten rock and lava: a solid manifestation of his apocalyptic alter ego. The lines surrounding his body suggest that he can also erupt into pools of lava with enough force to level entire buildings, as evidenced by Tartarus. He is capable of simultaneously stretching across miles with his mighty power, or spawning hordes of deadly chimeras from his flesh. These are mostly affiliated to him rather than Hades because they aren’t seen in Tartarus.

Kronos has massive power to scatter our green planet across the universe. The Greek deities needed the Kraken to defeat Kronos and the rest of the Titans in the past. All Hades and Zeus’s power weren’t enough to kill him. The Spear of Triam is the only single known medium or weapon powerful enough to stop Kronos, because it can pierce his skin and damage him near-mortal wounds. Kronos is one of the most powerful beings in this series and he is proven to be more powerful than Hades, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Hecate, Echidna, Typhon or Hera.

The Titan King can disguise himself by making himself invisible, by lifting giant boulders and bringing them down on enemies by fire flames. He can also breathe fire from his mouth to incinerate enemies.

4 Molten Man (Marvel Fictional Character)

Fire Demons

Molten Man is a supervillain and one of the Elementals in Spider-Man: Far From Home. He’s an android that Mysterio built in order to make himself look like a protagonist.

Mark Raxton, a lab assistant, worked with an experimental metal alloy that spilled on him and gave him molten-metal skin along with superhuman strength.He was able to heat his body up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and turn lava from water. He used the new powers for himself, going on a crime spree before he was stopped by Spider-man. Thereafter, he has faced challenges from Spiderman several times.

5 Iblis (Islamic Fire Demon)

Fire Demons

In Islam, Iblis is known as the chief spirit of evil, and he is equivalent to Satan from the Judeo-Christian Bible. Unlike Christianity, Iblis never attempted to become a god but only tried to ruin his creation.

Most branches of Islam believe that Iblis was created by God out of smokeless fire. They believe he used to dwell in Heaven, but refused to bow down to Adam when God ordered him too.

He committed a grave sin when he didn’t follow God’s order and refused to bow before the first human since he was created from fire. He granted himself superior to them, since Adam was made from clay. As punishment for his arrogance, God gave him eternal punishment in hell and banished Iblis out of Paradise. To be sure that Iblis could not bother Adam or Eve in Paradise, God also gave them dominion over Iblis and all other angels and devils on earth. Iblis changed his name to “Al Shaytan” (The Devil).

Iblis originally requested to have his sentence prolonged until the Day of Judgment, but God refused to prolong it. However, Iblis was given permission to lead people astray from God.

6 Balrog (Lord Of The Rings)

Fire Demons

The Balrog is one of the unforgettable fantasy beasts or demons in “The Lord of the Rings”. Seldom seen, the Balrog is shown when Gandalf tricks it into battling during their tense escape from Moria’s mines. The cunning wizard narrowly escapes death by throwing himself into a great chasm and becoming Sauron’s old nemesis – Gandalf the White.

Balrogs are one of the most powerful types of creature in Tolkien’s writing. Though they first appear in The Fellowship of the Ring, it isn’t until later that their true nature is revealed. The Balrog that Gandalf battled in Moria goes by the name Durin’s Bane, a title that suggests the great story lurking behind this fearsome creature.

Gandalf was more apt to use physical force, whereas the Balrog was fond of mental and spiritual warfare. Although they were from different origins, upon examination both Gandalf and the Balrog came from the same group as Maiar that existed before time began and didn’t take any physical form. In fact, Gandalf’s age is closer to 11,000 years old because he was incarnated as a wizard rather than one of the Valar like Morgoth. The Valar, Morgoth included, were the gods or divine agents of order. He outranked the Maiar, and those corrupted by him took on a fiery form.

This fire giant appears to be a simple cave-dwelling fire demon, but the Balrog is one of the oldest creatures encountered in The Lord of the Rings. The Balrog was present at many of the important battles that shaped Middle-earth’s future and will be an important factor in shaping Middle-earth’s future.

7 Te Ka (Moana)

Fire Demons

Te Kā is the main villain of Disney’s 56th animated film Moana. After her heart was taken by the  Maui demigod, and due to this, she became a lava demon and destroyed everything in her path in an attempt to return herself to her once-glorious days as Te Fiti, the benevolent goddess of life.

Te Kā is a creature that lacks warmth and empathy, who is fueled by her resentment of Maui and the world in general. When she lost her heart, she lost any compassion she had, which caused her to become destructive and hateful.

In contrast, Te Kā (the more dark-skinned of the two) is geared by her belief that humankind is undeserving of life and beings blessed with beauty; they must be subjugated in order to prevent their prosperity. It is through this crude belief that she determines to bring death and rot upon them- merely because they managed to best the world Te Fiti created.

As an island goddess, Te Fiti creates new flora and fauna across barren lands with a single touch of her hands. She can also recreate destroyed objects like Maui’s fish hook and Moana’s boat. Unlike most demigods, Te Kā has the power of magma, fire and lava. She can control them all to produce fireballs capable of destroying any obstacles with ease and turn anything she touches into molten rock. In battle, she is strong enough to overpower the physical strength of Maui himself.

8 Rodan (Godzilla)

Fire Demons

Rodan is a giant pterosaur that debuted in the Toho film Rodan. He also appeared alongside Godzilla in the 1964 film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.

Rodan has a long and storied history. In his first film debut, Rodan was awakened by nuclear radiation that had leaked from Fukuoka. When the JSDF targeted the creature’s nest in Mt Aso, they lit it on fire with artillery. Upon closer inspection, they saw the creature fly out of the volcano’s crater, alive and well. But not for too long: in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Rodan rescued Godzilla from King Ghidorah alongside Mothra. He went on to become a close ally of Godzilla during the Showa era–aiding him twice more against King Ghidorah in Invasion of Astro-Monster and Destroy All Monsters.

Rodan has the ability to combust internally, which causes him to release a high amount of heat. As a result, his body temperature is life-threateningly hot upon coming into contact with others. He used this ability in his fight against Mothra, slowly burning her until she was near death. The slightest contact resulted in Rodan burning Mothra and leaving a small amount of fire inside her wound.

9 Satan (This Is The End)

Fire Demons

One of the main antagonists in “This Is The End” is Satan. He’s set on bringing about Armageddon and destroying all life, presumably to increase the number of doomed souls he has at his disposal. He unleashed his hellish legions both to possess humans in order to coerce them into helping him and wreak widespread and mass havoc and killing any survivors who were left after the end of the apocalypse.

When Satan is in a movie, it’s always the worst dude ever. He might take on the appearance of a horned humanoid demon, hoofed-legged with many eel-like heads protruding from his back. In this case, James Franco’s depiction was accurate and that proved to be true as Seth and Jay discovered Satan was kaiju-sized in the climax. To make matters worse, he also bleeds fire and lava. And you know what else? Satan has an exposed penis too – like, so if that’s your thing then this movie is perfect for you!

10 Phoenix Force (Marvel Character From Dark Phoenix)

Fire Demons

Whenever Jean Grey comes into contact with the Phoenix, another cosmic entity that deals with human emotions, it’s an easy target for an illusionist like Mastermind. Mastermind needed a trophy to join the Inner Circle of the prestigious Hellfire Club. To do this, he relied on a psionic device created by Emma Frost, the White Queen of the club. The device made Jean believe she was Lady Grey, a woman from 18th-century England. With Phoenix as their Black Queen and under Mastermind’s possession, she joined the club to relish in extreme emotions and sensual pleasures. When Cyclops attempted to rescue her from his grasp, Mastermind used her psychic powers against him and won the battle. This had the unfortunate consequence of killing Cyclops (psychically) and destroying any control that Jean had over herself in regards to Phoenix.

As the Phoenix, Jean Grey was one of the most powerful beings in all the universe. But because she allowed human emotions to cloud her judgment, she became Dark Phoenix instead. In this state Phoenix was much more powerful and dangerous but was also completely uncontrollable. Apart from that, Dark Phoenix didn’t have any of a human conscience: it could unleash a destructive force without fear of consequence. The only thing that stopped Dark Phoenix was when Jean Grey died and The Phoenix floated away – leaving behind only ashes in its wake.

These mysterious “cosmic” flames can self-ignite under any conditions including vacuum space and underwater. They don’t require oxygen and are so hot that matter is consumed even in the absence of by-products including ash. She has perfect control over self generated flames and typically manifests them in the form of a raptor or a part of a raptor, such as claws or wings. It’s unclear whether these flames are manifestations of its powerful psionic abilities or an extension of its purpose to “burn away what doesn’t work.”